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How much is the MOQ?

3000-6000 yards per color, per size

-        Latest seasonal wired ribbons are normally 3,000yards for a minimum of only.

-        Previous seasonal wired ribbons are required 3,000-6,000 yards depending on production capacity.

-        Woven ribbon and special ribbons that require mass production, must meet MOQ 6,000 yards per production.

How long will the Lead-time be?

Normally 45-60 days! but the current pandemic effect, the production will be delayed to 75-90 days.

What colors choices I have?

All colors are provided on our catalog, if you have a special color request, please provide a Pantone number for reference or samples!

How is the packaging?

We have a standard packaging method, but please state it and be unified if you would like specialty packing.

How is the Shipment?

We can ship goods by sea, by air, by DHL/FedEx, depends on customers’ requests. (The shipping cost will not be included in PI, it must depend on final cartons’ weight, dimension, and CUFTs)

How payment process?

30% (T/T or Paypal) deposit and 70% (T/T or Paypal) before shipping or 100% PAYPAL if small amount!

What is including in the unit price in the Sales confirmation/ Proforma Invoice?

A unit price includes the cost of raw materials (flange, spools, poly-bags, opp wraps, cartons, personnel cost, and ribbon’s cost)

For spring items, our design group will start the designing a year before and launch before May. E-catalogs and swatches are available to download or inquire about by May and will be launch individually on to website continuously.


For Christmas items, starting from October, there will be customers picking out from our sample swatches, a swatch book will be complete once it reaches its quantity. New E-catalog will be available to download starting from the end of Oct for each year and will be a launch to individual page continuously until next year's spring season.

small quantity inquiry ribbon

  • You are looking for SMALL QUANTITY, pick from items listed on the webpage or inquire for stock items list. We would recommend you to choose from in-stock items in case not meeting the basic MOQ. Or let us know which specific type of ribbons you are looking for, we can look for a stocks list and check the quantity for you.

 wholesale inquiry

  • You are looking for wholesale, this is how we process in general,

1)     we’ll send color cards or swatch books to our customers for selection

2)     quote a price when we receive a list of selections from them, some customers would need samples for approval before placing an order,

3)     then discuss the packaging (if with printing), payment terms, etc.

4)     Send a Proforma Invoice for our customers’ confirmation.

5)     Once the order is confirmed and down payment is received, we’d proceed with production, keep you informed of the process,

6)     Then arrange ocean shipment with your forwarder upon completion.

customize printed ribbon 

  • You are looking for customizing, send over your inquire photos(samples are better) we will look for similar items according to the photo. Then please send over the sample for quotation, will come out with the unit price and lead time for your customized order!

RIBBONS, a combination of fabric yarns mostly by polyester or nylon. It is a long flexible material formed by weaving machines, normally consists of polyester and nylon. General-purpose is to bundle pieces of stuff together or decorate, famous in used for gift packaging, home furnishing, floral décor…etc. Ribbons can be various depends on which material its made from, the common ribbon we can see is wired ribbons we used in Christmas tree decorations.

wired ribbons in inquiry

Wired Ribbons, here we are mainly focusing on seasonal wired, width ribbons, this series of ribbons come from a big piece of cloth! Designs/patterns being printed on a complete cloth, then cloth cutting to the corresponding width and overstitch its edges to prevent the scattered fringe, also enhance the compatibility at the same time. Mostly categorizes as seasonal ribbons, Christmas ribbons, and wired ribbons!

Overstitch(Overlock), a kind of stitch that sews over the side edge of the piece of cloth/ribbon for hemming, is normally used in all kinds of ribbon, but often appears on the wired ribbon to prevent scatter fringe also to protect the wire within. The color of stitches is choose-able, popular in both metallic and matte color threads!

Woven Ribbons, produced especially one and unique among all the ribbon providers. Woven ribbons can be sort by "Yarn Dye Fabric" and "Pieces Dye", the main difference is the coloring process's order. Yarn dye woven ribbon can have as many colors as the design need; Pieces dye is woven ribbon comes out with plain white initial ribbons, then colored with one color. To simplify, Yarn dye ribbons are available for many colors in one, and pieces of dye ribbons mostly come in one.

Many ribbons are pieces of dye ribbon but with metallic colors, what made the ribbon is that the metallic fabric is not colored-able so it will not show the dyed color. Here you would find several woven ribbons mixed with metallic fabric with a unique style! 


We provide ribbon from all kinds of weaving fabric products, only depends on what fabric you would like. Except for fabric products, we’ve got trims, velvet, twill tape, lace, and elastic ribbons as well.



-POLYESTER, CUT EDGE 5806.32.1040

-NYLON, CUT EDGE 5806.32.1070

-METALLIC 5806.39.3020

-COTTON 5806.31.0000


We can provide ribbon detail reports and well pass all kinds of inspections on ribbons/ factories.

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