Decorated “PEACE” Ribbon

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Craft and Gift Wrap

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KING YOUNG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD., since 1988, is one of the leading Decorated “PEACE” Ribbon | wholesale ribbon and bow manufacturers based in Taiwan.

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With over 27 years of experience in packaging materials industry, KING YOUNG's bulk ribbon can be customized to meet your special needs.

Decorated “PEACE” Ribbon


The word “PEACE” been adorned with the most classic Christmas elements on faux burlap and cotton

Decorated “PEACE” Ribbon
Decorated “PEACE” Ribbon

There are plenty of important holiday to-do’s like delivering Christmas cards or presents. This season, we’re here to help embellish your packages.
This is a simple and clear ribbon as the word “PEACE” is printed directly, but this is not easy at all.

The word is decorated with every Christmas components that you can think of.  

First of all, pine and cones are planted on “P” while a lot of berries grow in letter “E”. Then, “A” is replaced by a patterned triangle, which is filled with festive colors, red, white and green. Four Christmas trees can be found at the ground of it.

As for letter “C”, there’s a cone hanging on it. Three tall trees are printed by. Last but not least, a truck is hurry carrying the trees freshly cut from the former alphabet. A reindeer also can’t wait the arrival of Christmas. These two happen around the last letter.

Not only is this rich design printed on faux burlap fabric for a rustic vibe, but it also comes in nice cotton. Best suggested sizes are from 2-1/2 inches and above. The edges of this ribbon are sewn with matte or metallic threads and wired for the bows to hold their shape.

Warm the holidays of your family and friends by crafting the perfect Christmas packages for everyone on your list with this adorable ribbon that is full of Christmas ornaments. May this holiday season be filled with laughter, joy, and peace!

faux burlap

Decorated “PEACE” Ribbon

Decorated “PEACE” Ribbon


Decorated “PEACE” Ribbon

Decorated “PEACE” Ribbon


Christmas decorations
Wide applications
Durable & sturdy


  • 2.5"
# KF4976
Fiber content:  faux burlap
2 1/2" 65mm
Wired: yes
Edge:  cut
Color:  khaki w/khaki edging
natural w/gold edging
white w/green edging
cream w/cream edging
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