Elegant Poinsettia Ribbon

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Craft and Gift Wrap

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Elegant Poinsettia Ribbon


There are specific plants that play crucial and often sphinx-like roles in holiday traditions and celebrations all over the globe.

Elegant Poinsettia Ribbon
Elegant Poinsettia Ribbon

The Poinsettia’s story is just as intriguing as others, and despite this celebrated plant’s significance during the Christmas, its lore remains largely unknown — now.

As legend has it, a young girl named Pepita was journeying to her village to visit the Nativity scene at the church. She did not have sufficient money to purchase a present to give the baby Jesus at the services, however, and so she collected a bundle of weeds to form a bouquet.

She was bothered that she did not have much to offer, but she was comforted by her cousin that “even the most humble gift, given in love, will be appreciated and accepted in His eyes.” When she entered the church to offer her present, the bouquet of weeds miraculously turned into a bouquet of beautiful red flowers that the villagers knew as Cuetlaxochitl which is also known as the Poinsettia today.

This aesthetic faux jute ribbon  is cut into a specific 4" wide. It uses three base colors and has red and green diamond patterns on the sides for nobility. On the center is featured a huge Poinsettia that is beautifully made, lastly with a touch of golden merrowed edge that makes this ribbon purely elegant.

Elegant Poinsettia Ribbon


Christmas decorations
Wide applications
Durable & sturdy


  • 4"
# KF5203
Fiber content:  faux burlap
4" 102mm
Wired: yes
Edge:  cut
Color:  natural/red/green
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