Escaping Gingerbread Ribbon

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Escaping Gingerbread Ribbon


Gingerbread men escaping on three kinds of fabric

Escaping Gingerbread Ribbon
Escaping Gingerbread Ribbon

There’s a well-known fairy tale about a just baked gingerbread man leapt out from oven and the adventure he went through afterwards. This listing is based on the story but funnier.

The gingerbread man, adorned with icing sugar, a Christmas hat and bow, is made during Christmas holidays. The oven is too hot for him to stay inside. He opens the door and jumps out. Although the house’s owners find him running immediately, he still takes some candy canes for a five-finger discount.

The gingerbread man races speedily and leaves everyone behind. On his way, his partners in crime drive to help. They are decorated as well; it is highly possible that they just escape from other’s home. Suddenly, it occurs to the gingerbread man that the candy canes he just stole can be a great help.

The ribbon pauses at the scene that they are trying to get the running one on the truck.

This listing incorporates all the best sweet elements of Christmas. The main characters are so adorable and naughty that makes this ribbon more interesting. What’s more, the different shades of brown on the gingerbread men are the reason that they become vivid.

The ribbon is cut from three kinds of fabric including taffeta, faux burlap and special cotton into 2 specifically 2.5” wide. The patterns are surrounded by a few iridescent glitters and therefore the matte ribbon glimmers. In order to make the ribbon foldable, there are wires sewn inside edges. It then can maintain whatever shapes.

This Christmas ribbon prefect presents a funnier gingerbread story. Share it with your loved ones during the holiday by decorating with it and, laugh together!

Escaping Gingerbread Ribbon

Escaping Gingerbread Ribbon


Christmas decorations
Wide applications
Durable & sturdy


  • 2.5"
# KF5161
Fiber content: thick taffeta/faux burlap/cotton
2 1/2"65mm
Edge: cut
Color: white
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