Flocked Christmas Tree Ribbon

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KING YOUNG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD., since 1988, is one of the leading Flocked Christmas Tree Ribbon | wholesale ribbon and bow manufacturers based in Taiwan.

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Flocked Christmas Tree Ribbon


Christmas ribbon features white snow accumulated on Christmas trees that are made of green, gold or silver glitters

Flocked Christmas Tree Ribbon
Flocked Christmas Tree Ribbon

Want to apply a natural look to your holiday decoration? Go for this simple flocked Christmas tree ribbon! The trees have no ornaments or garlands, yet the ribbon is making a large impact. The wintery look adds a fresh feeling and can be the finishing touch on any Christmas scene.

This wired Christmas ribbon series features white snow accumulated on glittery Christmas trees. There are three color combos; green, silver and gold glitters of Christmas trees are printed on natural, khaki and red faux burlap respectively. The three color designs of this flocked Christmas tree ribbon are all wired on edges with metallic thread sewn on them.

Durable faux burlap ribbon is made in Taiwan. The material is 100% polyester and contributes to superior quality. What you need for Christmas home décor is this ribbon with snows because it creates natural feeling and shiny look at the same time. What’s more, the wired ribbon is easy to work with and maintain the shape.
Bring the wintery vibe to your place!

Make this holiday season a trendy and glamorous one with this chic Christmas ribbon. There are three color combinations to accommodate all your decoration needs. This ribbon will be a quick and easy way to fulfill your casual Christmas décor.

Flocked Christmas Tree Ribbon

Flocked Christmas Tree Ribbon

Flocked Christmas Tree Ribbon


Achievable in 3 color combos on faxu burlap and sheer ribbons individually
Perfect for home and party decor for Christmas holiday
Wide application


  • 2.5"
# KF5063
Fiber content: faux burlap
2 1/2"65mm
Edge: cut
KF5063GH-14green glitters/natural
KF5063G-7gold glitters/red
KF5063G-13silver glitters/khaki
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