Glitter Sheer Wired Ribbon

Craft and Gift Wrap

Craft and Gift Wrap

The ideal addition and the perfect finishing touch to all your gifts, crafts and more.

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Stitched Grosgrain

Grosgrain ribbon with stitching in an array of styles, colors and widths that has extensive applications.


Professional Glitter Sheer Wired Ribbon Manufacturer - KING YOUNG

Based in Taiwan, KING YOUNG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD., since 1988, is a professional Glitter Sheer Wired Ribbon manufacturer. Ribbons are perfect for Christmas and seasonal decorations, floral designs, garment accessories, gift wrapping, scrapbooking, cosmetics packaging, pet accessories and so forth. Main products, including satin ribbon, velvet ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, Christmas ribbon, glitter ribbon and sparkle ribbon.

Monthly capacity is about 50 million yards, which allows us to supply all kinds of exquisite ribbons with reasonable prices. KING YOUNG's ribbons are sold around the world, including US, Europe, Central & South America and Asia. All ribbons are tested for Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC), and evaluated for Chemical Substances – (EC1907/2006) compliance. ‎

KING YOUNG has been providing high-quality gift wrapping ribbons to their clients, both with 27 years of experience in packaging materials industry, KING YOUNG's ribbons are made to meet your needs.

Glitter Sheer Wired Ribbon


A translucent ribbon is adding a few portions of glitter stripes for increasing its style!

Glitter Sheer Wired Ribbon
Glitter Sheer Wired Ribbon

Sometimes less is more! This basic sheer ribbon is perfect for any project that needs ribbon. It has a glistening sheen and wire edges to hold the shape of a bow. This is one of our personal favorites! It's be measuring 2-1/2" wide, which ribbon makes superb bows that will exude nothing but elegance. Available in a variety of colors.

The ribbon also has wiring on the edges to ensure that it retains its shape when used as a bow or garland. We have it in a variety of different colors, and it's shown in the color image list. Use it on wrapped gifts as a large bow. You can also chip in a few more colors to make your presents even more interesting. If you're decorating a venue, you can use it as a centerpiece for tables, a run-through for staircases, and a spiral around the pillars.

Add your creative touch to décor items, gift wrap, gift baskets, and more! This wide sheer ribbon sprinkled with glitter features wired edges finished with metallic thread to help the ribbon maintain its shape.

Do not blame me for not reminding you!!!
These sheer organza ribbons are selling by set, and without any MOQ limited, until while sole out.

Glitter Sheer Wired Ribbon_KF6380G-1&KF6380G-13

Glitter Sheer Wired Ribbon

Glitter Sheer Wired Ribbon_KF6380GM-5&KF6380GR-7

Glitter Sheer Wired Ribbon

Glitter Sheer Wired Ribbon_KF6380GU-8&KF6381GN-1

Glitter Sheer Wired Ribbon

Glitter Sheer Wired Ribbon_KF6381GV-2&KF6381GZ-13

Glitter Sheer Wired Ribbon

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Christmas decorations
Wide applications
Durable & sturdy


  • 2.5"
# KF6380
Fabric type:  metallic fabric
Fiber content:  50%metallic 40%nylon 10%polyester
2 1/2" 63mm
Wired: yes
Edge:  cut & merrow
Color:  Silver/Yellow/Pink/Red
# KF6381
Fabric type:  metallic fabric
Fiber content:  50%metallic 50%nylon 
2 1/2" 63mm
Wired: yes
Edge:  cut & merrow
Color:  White/Gold/Orange

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  • Christmas Tree Ribbon - Christmas Tree Ribbon
    Christmas Tree Ribbon

    The main element of this design is the Christmas tree with glitter and snow on top of it. The gold glitter adds a slight sense of delicacy. The color diversity and realistic drawing are the essences of these ribbons, and they can make your space more decorative and stunning. Contrary to the Christmas element, we boldly added leopard print patterns, although different from the style of Christmas, but greatly enhance the aesthetic and more highlight the uniqueness of the ribbon. This ribbon series is available in 2 1/2" and has THREE different colors. The items in this collection are produced by faux burlap, which is 100 % polyester. There are white and natural to choose also all edges on each side are cut and merrow.

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  • Knit Xmas Tree Ribbon - Knit Xmas Tree Ribbon
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    Snowy Christmas is the most classy memory for many people to recall holidays. As we are celebrating the Christmas holidays with our loved ones, what can express the most images of a merry Christmas? Christmas Trees, snowy days, and jumpers!

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  • Geometric Glitter Snowflake Ribbon - Geometric Glitter Snowflake Ribbon
    Geometric Glitter Snowflake Ribbon

    Modern geometric patterns are ideal for adding fullness throughout your tree or creating a contemporary Christmas bow. In this series of ribbons, a lot of geometric elements will be found. Upon closer inspection, you will find that the geometric figures on the ribbon are inlaid with gold and silver glitter. This Geometric Glitter Snowflake Wired Ribbon is available in one specific size 2-1/2”. It has 3 fabric options and colors to offer. All come with a different color of merrow wired edge on the side that helps the ribbon and its bow maintain their shapes. The geometric figures on the ribbon are arranged like snowflakes, with a trace of Christmas in a modern atmosphere.

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  • Glitter Animals Stripes Wired Ribbon - Glitter Animals Stripes Wired Ribbon
    Glitter Animals Stripes Wired Ribbon

    Or at least as fashionable as checkboard print – the key fall winter 2021 2022 fashion trend. Yes, winter 2021 is bringing back your favourite prints. Why not select the most fashionable for your Christmas decorations to give the whole house a new light! This gorgeous Animals Stripes Wired Ribbon features animals striped printed with sparkly glitter on a special striped fabric ribbon. This festive ribbon is a perfect addition to your decorations, gift wrapping, bow, wreath, home décor, gift basket, and more. It comes in 3 color combinations and one specific width 2-1/2”. The ribbon edge is sewn with metallic matching thread according to the fabric color and is wired to help the ribbon and its bow maintain their shapes.

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  • Exquisite Poinsettia Wired Ribbon - Exquisite Poinsettia Wired Ribbon
    Exquisite Poinsettia Wired Ribbon

    This series is elegant tasteful with poinsettia and holly leaf design, embellished with gold glittery thread, the edging is in metallic gold and matte thread. Beautiful poinsettia flowers with sprigs of fir tree, holly leaves, pine cones, and red berries with gold glitter line are printed onto this natural burlap ribbon. The ribbon size comes in 2-1/2 inches only. Enhance your holiday packaging and décor with an exquisite poinsettia motif on the wired ribbon. This ribbon is 2-1/2” wide and features a Christmas poinsettia by elegant gold lines to strengthen the whole texture ribbon. It is lightweight and finished with wired edges which helps the ribbon maintain its shape and form the bows to hold theirs.

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  • Trees & Snowflakes Wired Ribbon - Trees & Snowflakes Wired Ribbon
    Trees & Snowflakes Wired Ribbon

    This series of ribbons share the same printing of the Christmas tree with snowflakes embellished design but on different fabrics. This ribbon width comes in 2-1/2 inches only and has a variety of colors options. The features a series of snow-capped Christmas trees with falling snowflakes on side of the ribbon, trees, and snowflakes are emphasized by small grains of glitter. Each of them has a different combination of pattern color and background color, and their edges are all cut and wired in order to maintain its shape while making decorations. Christmas trees & snowflakes ribbon is one of the most versatile and impactful accents you can add to your home’s Christmas décor. The classic design could instantly make an ordinary room become a cozy Christmas room. It adds a natural brightness to your home with simple and clear designs.

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