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  • Bright & Dark Stripe Ribbon
    Bright & Dark Stripe Ribbon

    The ribbon is woven from 100% polyester. It features tri-color stripes, basic black, white and one color derived from the rainbow. They contrast colors strike a balance and present a fashion look.

  • Bicolored Striped Grosgrain Ribbon
    Bicolored Striped Grosgrain Ribbon

    Recently, macarons, those totally gorgeous French pastries, rise in popularity because of their beauty. If you want your place to be injected with a little bit of macaron-full of delight, or pack a present for your loved ones with romantic colors, here are the ribbons that we can’t miss.

  • Fancy Silver Side Stitching Ribbon
    Fancy Silver Side Stitching Ribbon

    A home décor always depends on the owners’ aesthetic sense. But if you are really run out of creativity, just try to put on some items that are already beautiful. Then decorating can be less tough but more fun!

  • Narrow Metallic Craft Ribbon
    Narrow Metallic Craft Ribbon

    Decorating for the holidays really changes the atmosphere in a house. You must have tried creating a wonderfully warm and cozy feeling by using metallic holiday decor. The warm glow of shining gold and silver ornaments can instantly create a timeless look that absolutely sparkles! This listing features narrow metallic craft ribbon that is very versatile.

  • Shimmery Gold & Silver Metallic Ribbon
    Shimmery Gold & Silver Metallic Ribbon

    The 1.5 inches wide metallic ribbon features horizontal lines of gold and silver yarns and another plain color to deliver a luxurious look. This metallic ribbon is reversible and has just the perfect width for gift wrapping and craft project.

  • Shimmery Ribbon W/ Side-Stitching
    Shimmery Ribbon W/ Side-Stitching

    This newly launched ribbon collection features the mix of both polyester and metallic thread. Therefore, the plain color ribbons create a shimmery look. On both sides, there are special stitchings, white and silver thread by one by.

  • Pom Pom Woven Metallic Ribbon
    Pom Pom Woven Metallic Ribbon

    Extremely high class ribbon which is composed of 27% of gold and silver metallic yarn, 35% of special yarn and 40% of nylon of the ribbon base and tiny pom poms with the same color.

  • Satin Center Metallic Ribbon
    Satin Center Metallic Ribbon

    Add a touch of luxury to your next gift with this elegant satin with metallic ribbon. Soft to the touch, this ribbon features a lush satin center panel surrounded by woven metallic fabric.

  • Flimsy Metallic Ribbon
    Flimsy Metallic Ribbon

    3/8 inch flimsy metallic nylon ribbon with a subtle sheen to it. The narrow width makes this metallic series perfect for adding sparkle to small packages. Featuring a metallic, woven cotton-like style sure to dazzle, this ribbon is exactly what you're looking for to take your crafting to the next level. Close a gift box, garnish a greeting card, or put a personal touch on any number of accessories!

  • Plaid Ribbon w/Silver or Gold Accent
    Plaid Ribbon w/Silver or Gold Accent

    Plaid ribbon made of 95% polyester and 5 metallic features two colors plaid with gold or silver accent line weaving inside. The ribbon is 1" wide with woven edges. It can be applied to various themes, including Christmas décor, home and party décor, store display and gift basket as well.

  • Heart Center Woven Ribbon
    Heart Center Woven Ribbon

    Looking for a unique ribbon that brings romantic feelings? This woven ribbon with heart designs along the center can create endless romantic possibilities for you.

  • Heartbeat Woven Ribbon
    Heartbeat Woven Ribbon

    Lovely woven ribbon with heart designs for Valentine's day, wedding, anniversary and romantic days.

  • Checkered Organza Ribbon
    Checkered Organza Ribbon

    The checkered sheer ribbon is the perfect touch of whimsy for your gift packaging. With its 1-1/2" width, this ribbon makes delicate and petite bows and trims. It features an all over checkered pattern along a sheer fabric.

  • Half Sheer & Satin Ribbon w/Stitches
    Half Sheer & Satin Ribbon w/Stitches

    Have you ever tried decorating with half sheer half satin ribbon? It is a very magical thing that combines two textures. Although they seem to be very different, sheer and satin surprisely creates a noble look together.

  • Double Plaid Center Organza Ribbon
    Double Plaid Center Organza Ribbon

    This dainty, sheer organza ribbon is decorated with two stripes of iridescent plaid in the middle.

  • Organza Ribbon w/ Satin Edge
    Organza Ribbon w/ Satin Edge

    Designed with a sheer texture on the base fabric, this decorative ribbon makes use of jewel-toned satin at the edges that looks stunning in combination with the transparent center.

  • Striped Satin & Sheer Ribbon
    Striped Satin & Sheer Ribbon

    Different weaving techniques are used for this striped satin & sheer ribbon, so you’ll see 3 different textures in this ribbon. First, the ribbon base is fine polyester made organza, which comes with seven groundings. Second, there are two thick satin stripes woven along the center. Last but not least, the gray thin stripes are made from a special kind of yarn that has been under treatment. Therefore they become glossy.

  • Half Sheer Half Satin Ribbon
    Half Sheer Half Satin Ribbon

    Sophisticated and elegant ribbon combines half satin and half organza

  • Three-Color Striped Ribbon
    Three-Color Striped Ribbon

    This ribbon is woven from the yarns that mix both polyester and cotton. Therefore, it inherits the advantages from both: durability and steady. What’s more, the yarns are not easily affected with damp or go mouldy.

  • Tri-color Striped Patriotic Ribbon
    Tri-color Striped Patriotic Ribbon

    What are the colors of the flag of your country? If it happens to be composed of two or three colors, join us to make the colors on the ribbon! This polyester ribbon features three equal parts of different colors. It is a nice way to display your patriotic style of adding this series in your clothings and accessories when you go on a march or parade. The gorsgrain ribbon can also be made with your brand colors. Packing your products with ribbon of your brand colors can definitely enhance the whole brand image!

  • Thick & Thin Stripes Ribbon
    Thick & Thin Stripes Ribbon

    The key of this item lies in the combination of various stripes. Thick and thin stripes make the ribbon more vivid while the three colors bring out a joyful vibe. This beautifully woven ribbon comes in four color combos. This listing is 1.5” wide with woven edges. There are no wires on it. It is made in Taiwan with 100% polyester and therefore is guaranteed with high quality. The texture is thick and strong owing to our professional weaving technique. Send us an inquiry to arrange free color swatches and you can see how good it is

  • Tri-color Striped Gift Ribbon
    Tri-color Striped Gift Ribbon

    This listing features 1 inch wide polyester satin ribbon trisected in 3 colors, creating a tricolored stripe look. The arrangement of eight thin stripes and one thick stripe makes the ribbon versatile. This striped satin ribbon can be used for many craft projects, gift wrapping, hair bows, floral arrangement and small accessories as well.

  • Woven Checkerboard Ribbon
    Woven Checkerboard Ribbon

    Why not bring beautiful plaid décor into the home for the next season? Plaids come in hundreds of patterns and variations. For this listing, we’d like to introduce charming woven ribbon with checkerboard designs and special texture.

  • Woven Stitched Edge Ribbon
    Woven Stitched Edge Ribbon

    This is a reversible woven ribbon that has thick side stitching. The series is currently avaialble in five bright colors with white stitiching and 5/8inch and 1-1/2 inch. The simple design makes big impact on gift wrapping, home décor and any everyday craft. The colors bring the feeling of spring and create a fesh look.

Result 1 - 24 of 626

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