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  • Rustic Christmas Forest Ribbon
    Rustic Christmas Forest Ribbon

    Faux burlap fabrics always add natural textures when they are used as decorations. This listing features two designs, KF5157 and KF5158 that both feature Christmas symbols. Therefore, the ribbons are even more suitable for festive season that embraces the style of frosted purity.

  • Christmas Dog Truck Ribbon
    Christmas Dog Truck Ribbon

    A lucky puppy gets a ride in a red, vintage pick-up truck. His Santa hat keeps him warm as snowflakes fall around him. This is a fun Christmas ribbon for any dog lovers and perfect for dogs’ design during the holiday season.

  • Elegant Poinsettia Ribbon
    Elegant Poinsettia Ribbon

    The Poinsettia’s story is just as intriguing as others, and despite this celebrated plant’s significance during the Christmas, its lore remains largely unknown — now.

  • Holly & Berry Galexy Ribbon
    Holly & Berry Galexy Ribbon

    While other plants wilted in winter weather, holly remained green and strong, its berries a brightly colored red in the harshest of conditions.

  • Berries & Holly Leaves Ribbon
    Berries & Holly Leaves Ribbon

    This listing is composed of four styles of Christmas ribbon. The common is that they are all made in faux burlap with berries and holly leaves printed on. The patterns bring out an energetic look.

  • Berries on Grid Ribbon
    Berries on Grid Ribbon

    Berries are such beautiful wild plant. It has glossy green leaves with white flowers in the summer. But in the fall, it’s spectacular! The plant seeds in the most glorious shades of rust and red berries.

  • Pines & Berries Ribbon
    Pines & Berries Ribbon

    Aside from representing fertility, wisdom and longevity, the pine tree is a symbol of peace. Wherever this special tree grows, it will always be a tree gives love, and hope. Therefore, pine trees have traditionally been used to celebrate winter festivals.

  • Christmas Pine Berry Ribbon
    Christmas Pine Berry Ribbon

    A great deal of sequin-made berries on curly pines You don't have to tangle with a string lights to step-up your home's curb appeal this holiday season. Decking out your porch with natural elements and festive accents is a welcoming way to evoke the spirit of Christmas. When pine trees are everywhere during the holiday season, have you thought of using them as part of your decoration? Pine itself is beautiful. It has a clean and healthy smelling. While swaying in the wind, thin and wiry pines look elegant.

  • Pine Cone & Needles Ribbon
    Pine Cone & Needles Ribbon

    Pine cones make any Christmas accessories a truly holiday inspired one. This ribbon just goes to show how adding elements that are holiday inspired can change the whole décor of the area.

  • Gingerbread Cookies Ribbon
    Gingerbread Cookies Ribbon

    Joy radiates from these adorable gingerbread men. From the sweet frosting smiles of the gingerbread men to the lovely red or apple green bows they are wearing on, this Christmas ribbon proclaims joy and comfort.

  • Gingerbread House Ribbon
    Gingerbread House Ribbon

    The elaborate cookie-walled houses, decorated with royal icing in addition to candies, have become associated with Christmas tradition for thousands of years. It is fun to eat, decorate and admire during holidays.

  • Gingerbread & Candy Ribbon
    Gingerbread & Candy Ribbon

    Gingerbread ornaments are a sweet and classic Christmas craft. Many people are fond of baking gingerbread cookies to add a special touch to Christmas trees and parties, giving them a cozy and delicious yuletide look.

  • Escaping Gingerbread Ribbon
    Escaping Gingerbread Ribbon

    There’s a well-known fairy tale about a just baked gingerbread man leapt out from oven and the adventure he went through afterwards. This listing is based on the story but funnier.

  • Reindeer & Forest Ribbon
    Reindeer & Forest Ribbon

    This is a cool design. It features the important animal in Christmas, reindeers, but they are painted in a vague way. You cannot see their faces very clearly.

  • Reindeer Winter Snow Ribbon
    Reindeer Winter Snow Ribbon

    The goal of this listing is to mix some glamour with elements of nature. The metallic ornaments lend sparkle and shine, while the dark green and brown colors evoke the peaceful atmosphere of nature.

  • Reindeer with Wreath Ribbon
    Reindeer with Wreath Ribbon

    In traditional festive legend, Santa Claus's reindeer pull a sleigh through the night sky to help Santa Claus deliver gifts to children on Christmas Eve. They carry out this big task seriously and therefore are stony-faced. However, when they are encountered by naughty kids and decorated with flower wreaths, they don’t look indifferent; neither are they unapproachable. On the contrary, the combination of two perfectly adds a special feeling to the ribbon and it becomes more appealing.

  • Christmas Reindeer Ribbon
    Christmas Reindeer Ribbon

    Part of the joy of Christmas dinner is enjoying it in suitably festive surroundings. From your table to your mantelpiece, there are plenty of ways to transform your everyday dining room into a festive wonderland.

  • Leaping Reindeers Ribbon
    Leaping Reindeers Ribbon

    This is a super cool listing that features the motion sequence of reindeers from standing to leaping. These wild creatures move forward confidently and carefully because they know how important the task is.

  • Wandering Reindeers Ribbon
    Wandering Reindeers Ribbon

    Long ago, Santa Claus and some elves discovered a special formula of magical reindeer food which makes reindeer fly. The innocent wild critters eat this food all year long. It gives them enough magic to fly around the world on Christmas Eve.

  • Reindeer Folk Style Ribbon
    Reindeer Folk Style Ribbon

    Folk interior decorating ideas add coziness to modern homes and create a comfortable atmosphere.

  • Decorated “PEACE” Ribbon
    Decorated “PEACE” Ribbon

    There are plenty of important holiday to-do’s like delivering Christmas cards or presents. This season, we’re here to help embellish your packages. This is a simple and clear ribbon as the word “PEACE” is printed directly, but this is not easy at all.

  • Jingle Bells Ribbon
    Jingle Bells Ribbon

    “Jingle bells, jingle bells Jingle all the way Oh, what fun it is to ride In a one horse open sleigh” This is perhaps the most popular song speaking of Christmas, and bells are the main character for the listing.

  • Christmas Bells Ribbon
    Christmas Bells Ribbon

    Christmas decorations look more adorable with classic symbols that mark day-long festivities. These include lovely jingle bells that make every decoration stand out beautifully.

  • Christmas Starry Ribbon
    Christmas Starry Ribbon

    When stars appear high in the sky, the lights help people find direction and navigate. But when the stars are on the top of Christmas trees, according to the Biblical story, they guided three kings, or wise men, to the baby Jesus. The star is the heavenly sign of a prophecy fulfilled long ago and the shining hope for humanity.

Result 97 - 120 of 248

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