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  • Metallic Holly Wired Ribbon
    Metallic Holly Wired Ribbon

    The metallic holly wired ribbon features a beautiful metallic holly pattern on the fabric. Its wired edges makes it easy to shape into bows to make elegant gift toppers. These ribbons are perfect for Christmas holiday decorating, gifts, baskets, and wreath designs. Accent and enhance holiday packaging with seasonal holly leaves and berries on the wired ribbon. This ribbon is 2-1/2 inches wide, and features holly leaves and berries along one side of a linen-like fabric body. It is lightweight and finished with wired edges, overstitched with coordinating metallic thread. Great for gift-giving, and crafts.

  • Merry Christmas Wired Ribbon
    Merry Christmas Wired Ribbon

    Lovely wired 2.5” Christmas Greeting ribbon in faux burlap. Printed to one side with white festive themes, such as Merry Christmas, trees, and snowflakes. It has a great structure so perfectly tied into bows to embellish wreaths and garlands and table decorations. Perfect addition to Christmas cakes, tree decorations, and gift wrap too! This series comes in various color combinations, and it is cut into 2.5” wide with wires sewn on the edges by a matte matching thread. Thus the festive ribbon can be bent into any shape, bow, or wreath for decoration. This ribbon features Merry Christmas written in cursive in white or gold colors. White snow is embedded into the base to add a wintery vibe.

  • Joyful Gingerbread Men Ribbon
    Joyful Gingerbread Men Ribbon

    Joy radiates from these adorable gingerbread men, this Christmas ribbon proclaims joy and comfort. This luxury faux burlap ribbon is printed with super cute gingerbread men with an iridescent thread-stitched edge. Perfect for Thanksgiving decorations and cake embellishment. Would also make a great Christmas embellishment too. It comes with four background colors and the fabric is cut into 2-1/2 wide. On both edges, the matte or glitter thread is used to contain wires inside. This wired faux burlap can them be tied into bows or wreaths and maintain the shapes.

  • Festival Plaid Wired Ribbon
    Festival Plaid Wired Ribbon

    Holiday plaid designs reflect a classic yet timeless look to seasonal designs. Warm and traditional with a little gold metallic thread for that festive life. These are classic plaid ribbons collections that you could use for your holiday project. The ribbon has wire on both edges. The wired edges are over-stitched with metallic gold thread to give it a sparkling finishing touch. This ribbon series is available in all sizes from 1-1/2 inches up. Very versatile, very luxurious, and extremely well-made. Use it for all your gift-wrapping and crafting needs for a touch of elegance. This ribbon is the perfect touch to gift wrap that “Special” gift, or a “Special Gift” from Santa himself. Also great for wreaths, Christmas trees, bows, and decorations.

  • Glitter Floral Pattern Ribbon
    Glitter Floral Pattern Ribbon

    Gold, red, green glitters embedding with gold linear patterns, turning the design into a floral pattern, very good for decorative ribbon. Here is one option for house décor and floral arrangement with simple glitter floral pattern ribbon, the ribbon style is elegant, plain, and suitable for everything!

  • Textured Snowflakes Wired Ribbon
    Textured Snowflakes Wired Ribbon

    Beautiful traditional faux burlap fabric base with sparkly glitter snowflakes perfect for your winter wedding ribbons and bows, Christmas holiday trees and wreaths, or gift packaging and décor needs. It is 2.5 inches wide with a wired edge making it perfect for Christmas tree decoration, bows for wreaths and garlands, home décor, table decoration, and gift wrapping. These snowflake ribbons are beautiful and perfect for the winter holidays. Sparkly snowflakes are subtle and beautiful on a similar background. Pair with contrasting colors for all your wreath, tree, and gift decorating ideas! Would look stunning with decoration!

  • Glitter Snowflakes Wired Ribbon
    Glitter Snowflakes Wired Ribbon

    Snowflakes are an icon of winter fascinating. Why not select the snowflake theme for your Christmas decorations to give the whole house a new light? Sliver sparkle snowflake on sheer white wide ribbon which is the stunning ribbon for your holiday décor. The sparkling silver snowflake on the bright sheer white would mix beautifully with your other color choices. Mix with gold for a rich and bold look or choose red, blue, or green for more traditional decors. We provide a variety of colors to choose from and have one specific width of 2-1/2 width. The ribbon edge is sewn with metallic matching thread according to the fabric color and is wired to help the ribbon and its bow maintain their shapes.

  • Peacock Feather Glitter Ribbon
    Peacock Feather Glitter Ribbon

    This luxury peacock feather ribbon is absolutely fabulous. It’s only 2-1/2 inches wide, it has a wired edge which makes it perfect for bows, tree decorations, and floral arrangements. It’s a rich peacock blue with a metallic gold design, accented with glitter for that extra sparkle. The wired edge is bound in coordinating peacock blue thread to give it that extra special touch. The metallic greeny gold peacock feathers with gold glitter highlights are printed onto a rich teal color semi-sheer glossy ribbon that has concealed wired edges. Ideal for party decorating, adding bows to garlands and wreaths, wrapping gifts, etc.

  • HO HO Christmas Wired Ribbon
    HO HO Christmas Wired Ribbon

    Designs are printed with red glitters and take a closer look you will find the snowflake printed embellished. Such a classic Christmas decoration much-have! The special point is to spread red glitter on HO HO words. I believe that was left by Santa! Ribbons are made in 100% polyester, faux burlap fabric, and satin fabric. The ribbon comes in five colors, white, green, blue, and natural, black; available in a size 2.5 inches wide. Wired ribbons have a thin monofilament wire along the edges of the ribbon that help the ribbon to be shaped into beautiful loops and bows and hold their desired shape.

  • Snowmen Series Ribbon
    Snowmen Series Ribbon

    Snowmen series of ribbons, partying snowmen, cute snowmen, warm and holiday snowmen. Happy vibes, party vibes, and also a holiday vibe, snowman designs can be vary and combining all elements!

  • Holiday Seeds Décor Ribbon
    Holiday Seeds Décor Ribbon

    During the holiday of Christmas, looking outside window there’s a bit of red on the tree full of white snow covering. Giving this image in our mind of the silent, peaceful, and warm Christmas, we turn this into ribbon design perfect for Christmas decoration.

  • Retro Christmas Ornaments Ribbon
    Retro Christmas Ornaments Ribbon

    These are our new Christmas ornaments ribbons collection. It comes in various colors with ornaments printed on it. A very nice supply for your Christmas crafts. Perfect for wreaths, baskets, picture frames, lanyards, handbags, party décor, and so many craft projects. The main element of the ribbons are these ornaments design, which is often time used as the decoration of Christmas tree, the gold glitter is added around to emphasize the pattern of the baubles. These ribbons are 2-1/2 inches wide, single- faced, and feature a variety of embellished holiday ornaments printed along one side of a fabric ribbon.

  • Christmas Pets Wired Ribbon
    Christmas Pets Wired Ribbon

    This is a beautiful printed Christmas ribbon. It comes in one size 2-1/2 inches only. It depicts a cute brown dog wearing a red Santa cap and scarf. Next to his feet, we can see boxes of gifts and dog bones tied with a bow. It is perfect for your Christmas crafts and your holiday decoration projects, like making a wreath, a tree topper, decorating your tree, or making beautiful decorative bows. This listing is for a charming wired ribbon that features an adorable dog footprint on a snowing background. This trim will be a lovely addition to your creative projects. Each has different colored merrow wired edges to match its fabric and the wired edges help the ribbon and bow maintain their shape. Perfect for making bows! Use it to compliment gifts baskets, centerpieces, wreaths, home décor accents, children’s crafts, and much more!

  • Poinsettia Flower Wired Ribbon
    Poinsettia Flower Wired Ribbon

    Timeless and full of color, this elegant poinsettia adds a traditional feel to your holiday décor. Beautiful poinsettia flowers with sprigs of fir trees, holly leaves, pine cones, and red berries with gold glitter lines are printed onto this natural burlap ribbon. Embellished with gold glitter thread, the edging in metallic gold and matte thread. The ribbon size comes in 2-1/2 inches only. Constructed of a faux burlap fabric base with a wintery red poinsettia print. This ribbon would make a beautiful addition to packaging rustic winter gifts, Christmas or holiday floral arrangements, and adding to garlands, door wreaths, Christmas tree topper bows, etc.

  • Christmas Santa Hats Ribbon
    Christmas Santa Hats Ribbon

    Every year, as Christmas rolls around, one will commonly see people wearing red pointed hats. They sometimes have little white balls on top, and they usually have a band of white around the bottom, but they are always red and always pointed. Red hats with Christmas words and snowflakes make this quite the Christmas statement piece. These ribbon designs are based on the idea of tradition, classic, iconic, and repetitive, to emphasize and highlight the point. Only one size of 2.5 inches with plain weaving ribbon and faux burlap fabrics. Choices of colors include, white, natural, green, red, and plaid with different edging creating a varied look.

  • Orange Christmas Ribbon
    Orange Christmas Ribbon

    The main elements of this design are the oranges, pine, pine cones, and Christmas words for decoration. Oranges have always been a tradition at Christmas time. Oranges have long shared a close association with Christmas time- they were once a common stocking stuffer! Let’s make the most of this orange pattern ribbon during the holiday season, and you must have it during the festive Christmas holiday, and it will bring a holiday ambiance. The ribbon size comes in one size only 2-1/2 inches. Each has different colored merrow wired edges to match its fabric and the wired edges help the ribbon and bow maintain their shape.

  • Spider Halloween Wired Ribbon
    Spider Halloween Wired Ribbon

    This unique spider ribbon plays well with your Halloween party! Constructed of a black and orange ribbon base with a velvet-touch of spider design, all come in one size only 2-1/2 inches. The wired edges help make bows and loops easy. Use this amazing ribbon for your Halloween decoration and crafts. They can also be the perfect Halloween gift for the party you are attending this year, everybody loves seeing the fun and quirky decorations on Halloween, so you will bring joy to the party for sure!

  • BOO! Ghost Wired Ribbon
    BOO! Ghost Wired Ribbon

    Design memorable Halloween packaging with a scary Halloween ghost on the wired ribbon. It features a classic ghost motif printed on the black fabric bottom. Its wired edges are overstitched with coordinating thread. All ribbon size is 2-1/2 inches wide only and comes complete with a ribbon great body for bow making. Use to accent seasonal events, gift-giving, and crafts.

  • Trick Or Treat With Skulls Ribbon
    Trick Or Treat With Skulls Ribbon

    Upgrade your Halloween packaging with the spooky skull-wired ribbon. This ribbon is 2-1/2 inches wide. One side features a smiling skull and bat motif, complete with, a “Trick or Treat” message. Use this Halloween ribbon to create large, voluminous bow designs. Skulls and bats are perfect for themed parties, gift-giving, and crafts. We also designed others elements with a scary Halloween graveyard patterned ribbon that features tombstones in black on the fabric background. This ribbon is easy to work with and makes a bow. Its wired edges are overstitched with coordinating thread. Use to accent seasonal events, gift-giving, and crafts.

  • Christmas Ribbon Bow Set
    Christmas Ribbon Bow Set

    This section we are launching handmade quality Christmas/holiday ribbon bows for customers that are not able to reach our minimal quantity requirement. Here provides single ribbon bow for sale, a big ribbon bow comes in two small bows as bonus!

  • Bright Nylon Sheer Ribbon
    Bright Nylon Sheer Ribbon

    A translucent and flimsy sheer organza ribbon made from 100% bright nylon yarn. It comes in all sizes and colors. We can also match custom colors or pantone colors. This sheer ribbon is perfect for gift packaging and bows and always adds an elegant and sophisticated touch to your decorations!

  • Plain Color Organza Sheer Ribbon
    Plain Color Organza Sheer Ribbon

    This double-sided ribbon has a sheer base and a shimmery texture, which makes it well-suited for party decorations, gift packing and designing accessories. Many customers choosing this version of organza/sheer ribbon of its flexibility of sizes and wired or non-wired edges, also a lower price with thinner quality aside from others.

  • St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Ribbon
    St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Ribbon

    Accent your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations with festive shamrocks on plaid pattern ribbon. Add a sparkly touch of luck to your St. Patrick’s Day with shamrocks on the wired ribbon. This ribbon size is cut from 2-1/2 wide only. It features the plaid design on the background accented by 3-leaf clovers and St. Patrick’s Day words along the surface. Shamrock’s design is emphasized by the green glitter. St. Patrick’s Day wired ribbon is a great gift-giving and craft during the Spring holiday or St. Patrick’s Day festive.

  • Decorated Easter Wired Ribbon
    Decorated Easter Wired Ribbon

    Embellish and decorate for Easter with playful bunny rabbits and eggs on the wired ribbon. These Easter print ribbon sizes are cut from 2.5” and 1.5” available wide. It features cheerful bunnies and is colorful. It is finished with wired edges. It is a great addition to gifts and crafts. These Easter ribbons are embellished with bunny/eggs/carrots in the background to create a holiday vibe. A beautiful wired polyester ribbon with cute bunny rabbits and carrots that are on the white fabric. The ribbon has a wired edge. This ribbon is perfect for gift wrapping, decorating, wreath making, and craft projects.

Result 1 - 24 of 625

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