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R&D | King Young is a well-established ribbon manufacturer providing a total solution for packaging, gift wrapping and decoration to the world.


The Research and Development of Ribbon Leads to More Ribbon Option and Possibility of New Materials.

  • Our R&D team keeps developing fashionable and trendy ribbons while continuously renewing and upgrading our machinery.
  • We always look for the latest yarns to add more possibilities and diversities to our ribbons.
  • Allied with LED industry, King Young was the pioneer in LED/optic fiber ribbons that dazzled the world! Patents obtained in 2012.
  • In addition to customized ribbons that meet all customers' demands, we offer solutions to every packaging application based on our rich experiences in this industry for almost 30 years.
  • We already sensed the global trend towards environmental protection and have developed GREEN ribbon products using natural and recycled fibers such as hemp, jute, organic cotton, PLA, recycled PET bottles…etc. and incorporating special technics.
  • Our R&D team consists of experienced designers who work with up-to-date graphic design software to come up with all sorts of exquisite patterns to add beauty to life.
  • Visit trade shows around the world on regular basis to acquire firsthand color trends.

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