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  • Narrow Metallic Craft Ribbon
    Narrow Metallic Craft Ribbon

    Decorating for the holidays really changes the atmosphere in a house. You must have tried creating a wonderfully warm and cozy feeling by using metallic holiday decor. The warm glow of shining gold and silver ornaments can instantly create a timeless look that absolutely sparkles! This listing features narrow metallic craft ribbon that is very versatile.

  • Shimmery Gold & Silver Metallic Ribbon
    Shimmery Gold & Silver Metallic Ribbon

    The 1.5 inches wide metallic ribbon features horizontal lines of gold and silver yarns and another plain color to deliver a luxurious look. This metallic ribbon is reversible and has just the perfect width for gift wrapping and craft project.

  • Shimmery Ribbon W/ Side-Stitching
    Shimmery Ribbon W/ Side-Stitching

    This newly launched ribbon collection features the mix of both polyester and metallic thread. Therefore, the plain color ribbons create a shimmery look. On both sides, there are special stitchings, white and silver thread by one by.

  • Pom Pom Woven Metallic Ribbon
    Pom Pom Woven Metallic Ribbon

    Extremely high class ribbon which is composed of 27% of gold and silver metallic yarn, 35% of special yarn and 40% of nylon of the ribbon base and tiny pom poms with the same color.

  • Satin Center Metallic Ribbon
    Satin Center Metallic Ribbon

    Add a touch of luxury to your next gift with this elegant satin with metallic ribbon. Soft to the touch, this ribbon features a lush satin center panel surrounded by woven metallic fabric.

  • Flimsy Metallic Ribbon
    Flimsy Metallic Ribbon

    3/8 inch flimsy metallic nylon ribbon with a subtle sheen to it. The narrow width makes this metallic series perfect for adding sparkle to small packages. Featuring a metallic, woven cotton-like style sure to dazzle, this ribbon is exactly what you're looking for to take your crafting to the next level. Close a gift box, garnish a greeting card, or put a personal touch on any number of accessories!

  • Plaid Ribbon w/Silver or Gold Accent
    Plaid Ribbon w/Silver or Gold Accent

    Plaid ribbon made of 95% polyester and 5 metallic features two colors plaid with gold or silver accent line weaving inside. The ribbon is 1" wide with woven edges. It can be applied to various themes, including Christmas décor, home and party décor, store display and gift basket as well.

  • Checkered Organza Ribbon
    Checkered Organza Ribbon

    The checkered sheer ribbon is the perfect touch of whimsy for your gift packaging. With its 1-1/2" width, this ribbon makes delicate and petite bows and trims. It features an all over checkered pattern along a sheer fabric.

  • Glittery Merry Christmas Ribbon
    Glittery Merry Christmas Ribbon

    Gold is the most timeless metallic shade ever and it’s traditional for winter holidays. Gold easily adds a shiny and bright touch to the space and it’s compatible – you can match it with other colors as you wish. This ribbon features wired-edge faux burlap with gold “Merry Christmas”. The words are outlined with gold foils and filled with gold glitters, creating a noble and classy look.

  • Glitter Center Ribbon
    Glitter Center Ribbon

    This is the ribbon you'll need when guys are on the way but your halls haven't been decked! This Christmas series features a glitter-made stripe in the middle of sheer and faux burlap ribbon. The simple design of this glitter center ribbon makes huge impact and creates sparkly holiday scene immediately.

  • Flocked Christmas Tree Ribbon
    Flocked Christmas Tree Ribbon

    Want to apply a natural look to your holiday decoration? Go for this simple flocked Christmas tree ribbon! The trees have no ornaments or garlands, yet the ribbon is making a large impact. The wintery look adds a fresh feeling and can be the finishing touch on any Christmas scene.

  • Festive Christmas Ribbon
    Festive Christmas Ribbon

    Christmas is a favorite time of the year for a lot of people. If you want to make it impressive, you can never leave decoration behind. Don’t panic; choose the right colors and you can create a festive scene in a glimpse.

  • Christmas Pines & Cones Ribbon
    Christmas Pines & Cones Ribbon

    Pine and cones make any Christmas accessories a truly holiday inspired one. This ribbon just goes to show how adding natural elements changes the whole décor of the area.

  • Christmas Candies Ribbon
    Christmas Candies Ribbon

    During Christmas holidays, candies can not only satisfy your sweet tooth, but also sweeten your home! This ribbon features several candies including Christmas candy canes and candy cane swirls.

  • Santa in Car Christmas Ribbon
    Santa in Car Christmas Ribbon

    Santa Claus is one of the most legendary figures. The story of him riding reindeer sleigh and flying in sky is told for years. However, with the advance of technology, Santa now sits in a self-driving vehicle!

  • Snowman Santa Ribbon
    Snowman Santa Ribbon

    When snowman and Santa Claus are iconic, why not mix them together?

  • Chubby Snowman Ribbon
    Chubby Snowman Ribbon

    It’s difficult to see snow here in Taiwan even if you overcome tiring mountain climbing to higher altitude. Although we’ve never experienced wintertime childhood fantasy with an iceman guarding the back yard, what we have are tons of imaginary that creates various snowmen on our own!

  • Christmas Snowman Ribbon
    Christmas Snowman Ribbon

    One of the best Christmas elements is lovely snowmen. They are sure to add some holiday cheer to any scene! These jolly fellows on the ribbon wave to anyone look at them. They are dressed with hats, gloves and scarfs to prevent catching cold. What’s more, the accessories on them are the most classic Christmas colors red and green.

  • Amiable Santa Ribbon
    Amiable Santa Ribbon

    No matter how grown up we are, we all secretly aspire for Santa Claus to shower us with gifts. This Christmas, you can do something different. As people wait for Santa, you can play Secret Santa for your loved ones this Christmas and gift them some really amazing memories.

  • Cardinal & Poinsettia Ribbon
    Cardinal & Poinsettia Ribbon

    Cardinals are a symbol of faith and warmth with their bright red color in the dreary days of winter, during which time Christmas comes. They are often in evergreens, so together they make up the colors of the season.

  • Red Cardinal Ribbon
    Red Cardinal Ribbon

    There is nothing like seeing a bright red cardinal bird perched on a branch against the snowy, white backdrop of winter. With spring on its way and the last of the frosty snow melting, it’s time to say goodbye to winter. Before you put away the last of your holiday decorations, add a few pretty red birds!

  • Poinsettia Velvet Ribbon
    Poinsettia Velvet Ribbon

    Velvet is the trendy fabric of the season, and it’s not hard to see why. There’s something about a velvet sofa, chair or pillow that instantly makes a room look more expensive. It’s the luxe-meets-comfort trend everyone has been seeking for.

  • Holly & Poinsettia Velvet Ribbon
    Holly & Poinsettia Velvet Ribbon

    Adding some natural elements in no matter indoor or outdoor decorations is always a good idea. In addition to the common options green and red, dark navy blue can also embellish the holiday scene by evoking feelings of luxury, prestige and mystery.

  • Poinsettia Blossom Ribbon
    Poinsettia Blossom Ribbon

    The holidays are here and it’s always the time of year that makes people wonder where the year went. Time seems to have flown by. But the holidays are also a time where things should slow down a bit in order to celebrate the season with friends and loved ones. Look around and the most eye-catching Christmas element must be red poinsettias. They are sure to add vibrant color to any holiday scene. These flowers are classic and look good on any décor.

Result 1 - 24 of 197

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