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  • Winter Cardinal Bird
    Winter Cardinal Bird
    KF5756, KF5757

    Northern Americans adore these red, positive, and delightful creatures. Some say they symbolize love, loyalty, and embraced as spiritual messengers from spirit world. Especially during the greatest Christmas holidays, all families are hoping to have a nice and rich new beginning.

  • Bling Striped Grosgrain Ribbon
    Bling Striped Grosgrain Ribbon

    Everyone loves simple and easy ribbons; especially those with stripe designs. The parallel lines are magical. They enhance the pleasure of decorating and crafting. However, normal woven ribbons are either with a matte or metallic finish. As for this "bling" striped ribbon, it is made by special weaving technique and therefore has a glimmering surface but you don't see metallic thread woven inside.

  • Bicolored Striped Grosgrain Ribbon
    Bicolored Striped Grosgrain Ribbon

    Recently, macarons, those totally gorgeous French pastries, rise in popularity because of their beauty. If you want your place to be injected with a little bit of macaron-full of delight, or pack a present for your loved ones with romantic colors, here are the ribbons that we can’t miss.

  • Heavy-Weight Striped Ribbon
    Heavy-Weight Striped Ribbon

    This 7/8 in. ribbon is a grosgrain that belongs to a high class series. The reason is that each ribbon is woven with 225 denier threads.

  • 225 Denier Striped Ribbon
    225 Denier Striped Ribbon

    For a cozy and neutral home decorating, you'll need this striped ribbon with gray tones. The mixture of white, gray and another vibrant color strike a balance and create a comfortable and clean atmosphere.

  • Saddle Stitched Grosgrain Ribbon
    Saddle Stitched Grosgrain Ribbon

    A single row of small white dots is stitched along the edges of this narrow grosgrain ribbon and can be seen on both sides. The white stitches give a nice contrast the colorful grosgrain fabric.

  • Double Dot Line Ribbon
    Double Dot Line Ribbon

    This is a 1-1/2 inch double face grosgrain ribbon with 2 stitching lines in the center. The stitching color is white and can be any colors of choice. The grosgrain comes in all colors.

  • Tri-color Striped Patriotic Ribbon
    Tri-color Striped Patriotic Ribbon

    What are the colors of the flag of your country? If it happens to be composed of two or three colors, join us to make the colors on the ribbon! This polyester ribbon features three equal parts of different colors. It is a nice way to display your patriotic style of adding this series in your clothings and accessories when you go on a march or parade. The gorsgrain ribbon can also be made with your brand colors. Packing your products with ribbon of your brand colors can definitely enhance the whole brand image!

  • Fruit Prints Grosgrain Ribbon
    Fruit Prints Grosgrain Ribbon

    This ribbon is made of 100% polyester fabric and is printed on one side with lovely fruit designs.

  • Smiling Santa Ribbon
    Smiling Santa Ribbon

    Santa laughs with eyes tightly shut and mouth open in a wide smile, showing he’s in the mood of excitement and strong joy. As rumor has it, he appears with a red hat and long white beard.

  • Chibi Snowman Polyester Ribbon
    Chibi Snowman Polyester Ribbon

    In many places, typical snowmen consist of massive snow balls of different sizes with some additional decoration for facial and other features.

  • Delicate Christmas Baubles Ribbon
    Delicate Christmas Baubles Ribbon

    Decorating houses during Christmas holidays is one of the most enjoyable traditions associated with the winter holidays. While setting up Christmas trees, we typically are used to hanging on baubles, which are great replacement for apples, to represent a fruitful new year.

  • Shiny Christmas Tree Ribbon
    Shiny Christmas Tree Ribbon

    7/8 inch wide ribbon features shiny and tiny Christmas trees. Look closer at the patterns and you’ll find the base of those festive trees is white ink. Then, irregular stripes are printed on with gold or silver foil to present the branches of trees.

  • Winter Wolf Ribbon
    Winter Wolf Ribbon

    This marching wild critter ribbon features majestic-looking wolves come tied with scarfs. Their coats are made up of wooly fur and therefore help them handle cold weather. Classic snowflakes are falling down to enrich the ribbon by being spread evenly.

  • Merry Christmas & Holly Berries Ribbon
    Merry Christmas & Holly Berries Ribbon

    Brand new narrow Christmas ribbon features a print of Merry Christmas text using a classy, elegant font with a winter icon - holly berries, on a special grosgrain that shines.This Merry Christmas & Holly Berries print comes in a gold version as well as a silver version. The grosgrain fabric is available in a variety of colors. You can easily match colors with your holiday decoration of all themes. They are made in Taiwan from 100% polyester and as a result are very durable.This series is 5/8 inch wide and available in 5 background colors. Add a festive touch to this holiday season with our classic, elegant Merry Christmas & Holly Berries print ribbon! It’s a great addition to your Christmas gift package, decorations, wreath, hand-tied bow, craft projects and more.

  • Decorative Easter Eggs Ribbon
    Decorative Easter Eggs Ribbon

    The Easter bunny has hidden enough plain and boring eggs. Not a good painter?

  • Polyester Grosgrain Ribbon
    Polyester Grosgrain Ribbon

    Grosgrain ribbon made from 100% polyester. It comes in a complete range of sizes and all colors. We can also match custom colors or pantone colors. Grosgrain ribbon is extensively used in all sorts of packaging and decorations and it’s perfect for all occasions.

  • Metallic Stripes Grosgrain Ribbon
    Metallic Stripes Grosgrain Ribbon

    There’s always some times that you find your gift packaging lack of something and whatever fancy ornaments you put on it only makes it worse. Then you may try something simpler and there’s one good choice.

  • Gold Foil Merry Christmas & Tree Ribbon
    Gold Foil Merry Christmas & Tree Ribbon

    7/8 inch wide grosgrain ribbon features “Merry Christmas” and Christmas trees print with gold or silver foil. Cute, tiny little dots are all over the ribbon that looks just like it is snowing. The Christmas tree has a big star on its top that adds a joyous, festive vibe. The metallic foil print and the Christmas elements make this Christmas ribbon an ideal addition to your gift wrapping, decorations, wreath, bow, floral design, craft projects and more.

  • Snowflakes Grosgrain Ribbon
    Snowflakes Grosgrain Ribbon

    1-1/2 inch wide grosgrain ribbon features white snowflakes print in different sizes. Iridescent glitter is used over the white snowflakes to make the ribbon shine like a diamond. This ribbon is currently available in 8 colors. Custom colors can be produced per request. Add a festive touch to your Christmas decorations, gifts package, floral arrangement, bow, wreath, craft projects and home décor with this snowflakes grosgrain ribbon!

  • Polka Dots Wide Grosgrain Ribbon
    Polka Dots Wide Grosgrain Ribbon

    Popular polka dots design never goes out of fashion!

  • Bi-colored Dots Grosgrain Ribbon
    Bi-colored Dots Grosgrain Ribbon

    Fun colored dots design printed on grosgrain ribbon which consists of matte white dots and glitter dots framed with two lines of small dots. This ribbon is currently available in 5 color combinations. Custom colors can done per customers’ requests. Add a fun touch to your gift package, craft projects, scrapbooking, bow and all decorations with this dots ribbon!

  • White Dots Grosgrain Ribbon
    White Dots Grosgrain Ribbon

    Solid and hollow dots design printed in white on grosgrain ribbon. This ribbon is available in all colors. Custom or pantone colors can be produced at request. Add a fun touch to your gift package, craft projects, scrapbooking, bow and all decorations with this dots ribbon!

  • Grosgrain Ribbon Bow Hair Clip
    Grosgrain Ribbon Bow Hair Clip

    Pink grosgrain ribbon bow hair clip. Its center has a metal fixture with a hollow heart pendant. Other colors can be developed per customers' request.

Result 1 - 24 of 50

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