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  • Youth Style Grosgrain Ribbon Set
    Youth Style Grosgrain Ribbon Set

    This set has two 3/8 inch vibrant double-sided grosgrain ribbons with side stitching, and one 3/8 inch romantic satin ribbon with a ruffled edge. A single row of small white dots is stitched along the edges of this narrow grosgrain ribbon and can be seen on both sides. With blue and white adds a number of youthful vigor.

  • Lively Red Sheer Ribbon Set
    Lively Red Sheer Ribbon Set

    The ribbon set features a vibrant style and combines three widths of ribbon in the set. A 38mm width features alternating stripes of satin followed by lines of translucent sheer ribbon which give the ribbon a great look. We have put a sides-stitched grosgrain ribbon to add a glittering update to the overall design in the set. Perfect for art and craft activities, these candy ribbons present a beautiful striped design that looks beautiful when shaped into a voluminous bow and attractive motifs. You can either use these colors on their own or by blending two or more complementary colors. The stylish design of these ribbons makes them a favorite for party decoration, beautifying gift baskets, and similar creations as they are versatile.

  • Violet Purple Ribbon Set
    Violet Purple Ribbon Set

    Violet and lack blue woven ribbon sets! Your favorite grosgrain ribbon with half sheer half satin combines a best set of decoration.

  • Brown Tone Woven Ribbon Set
    Brown Tone Woven Ribbon Set

    It is been a hot trend recently for customers to inquire for earth tone composition of products, decorations of darker combination is highly seen on many things.

  • Dazzling Pink Ribbon Set
    Dazzling Pink Ribbon Set

    Dazzle ribbons are one of the popular inquire items of all woven ribbons, and stripe is woven ribbon and sheer ribbons are absolutely a hot sale set of all!

  • Pinky Red Woven Ribbon Set
    Pinky Red Woven Ribbon Set

    The most popular color sets for hair bows and apparel! Gathering the elements of all popular items in one, satin ribbon, sheer ribbon, and grosgrain ribbon! What else you are looking for woven ribbon.

  • Grosgrain With Organza Sheer Ribbons Set
    Grosgrain With Organza Sheer Ribbons Set

    Beautiful thick grosgrain ribbon in 1.5 inches with a broad black and white stripe, collocation really lovely textured quality with narrow organza sheer ribbon in black, perfect for wrapping gifts, decorating, hair accessories, sewing, and other craft things. Great for usual festivals! This craft ribbon set is decorated with classic and versatile stripe patterns on our multi-purpose grosgrain ribbon, which is suitable for almost all occasions! Tie up to classic stripe design of grosgrain ribbon mixed elegant black sheer ribbon into gorgeous French pastries packaging, rise in popularity because of their beauty.

  • Elegant Strip Sheer Ribbon
    Elegant Strip Sheer Ribbon

    Available in 15 colors in this ribbon choice comes in 1.5 inches(38mm) size. Sheer/organza ribbons are popular in all kinds of floral decoration usage and daily decor use.

  • Striped Stitched Woven Ribbon
    Striped Stitched Woven Ribbon

    This grosgrain woven ribbon seems like a usual ribbon, but when you look carefully you will find more details on it. Zoom in on our picture, then you’ll see different types of the weaving method in the white braided threads. These ribbons are colorful, like a rainbow. Numerous petals flicker gently, accumulating rainbow-like dreams, carrying my thoughts. And wanna tell you that wherever I am, whatever happens, I’ll always think of you through the ribbons. Using different weaving methods could show up a variety of feelings. Using the same color but distinct weaves shows poles apart. This ribbon is the best choice for people who want to be low-key but not ordinary.

  • Glitter Gold Striped Sheer Ribbon
    Glitter Gold Striped Sheer Ribbon

    This gold center strip embellished sheer ribbon is 5/8 inch wide. This unique ribbon is designed for decoration at events like a wedding. Using this ribbon for giving them elaborate shapes and decorating gift packs and jewelry boxes. It is available in 15 colors and is easy to work with ribbon. Add shimmer and shine to the packages that you give and the decorations that you make at home by using a sheer ribbon with a metallic pinstriped design. The sheer appearance gives a translucent effect, which makes it easy to combine other colors with the metallic ribbon as they can show through the gold.

  • Metallic Stripes Sheer Ribbon
    Metallic Stripes Sheer Ribbon

    An elegant 15mm wide sheer ribbon with silver metallic center stripes running the length of this ribbon. This ribbon features alternating stripes of metallic ribbon followed by lines of translucent sheer ribbon which give the ribbon a great look. This ribbon size comes in 5/8 inch only. It is available in 6 colors and is easy to work with ribbon. The metallic stripes create a beautiful glittering effect, this is perfect for any occasion.

  • Center Stitched Woven Ribbon
    Center Stitched Woven Ribbon

    This 5/8 inch with center stitched woven ribbon offers you a fun way on the package idea that you can decorate your packages and use them on a variety of crafts. This ribbon comes in your choice of a lot of great 10 colors so that you can choose the one that will fit best. Textured polyester with a stitched edge gives this ribbon a real retro feel. Perfect for hanging ornaments, gift wrapping, jewelry making, and ideal for craft projects!

  • Multiple Striped Metallic Ribbon
    Multiple Striped Metallic Ribbon

    This ribbon features four with think and width stripes, all size comes in 7/8 inch only. It is available in 8 colors and is easy to work with ribbon. The metallic stripes create a beautiful glittering effect, This is perfect for any occasion. Stripe wide in 21mm and available in 8 colors, lightweight, can add a natural touch to gift wrapping, sewing, home décor, and craft of floral projects. This polyester ribbon is defined by its tightly woven threads, soft texture, and ability to create graceful bows and loops.

  • Colorful Striped Weave Ribbon
    Colorful Striped Weave Ribbon

    This attractive simple woven is perfect for bows and ties and the narrow width is great for coordinating with stripes pattern. This ribbon features that the lovely 5/8 inches with stripes visible of the center. The colorful striped ribbon is available in 8 colors. For that homespun chic’ style, this stitched ribbon is pretty and decorative and is perfect for all sorts of crafting projects, sewing, and decorative crafts- it’s so lovely you can even wrap presents with it.

  • Triangle Narrow Weave Ribbon
    Triangle Narrow Weave Ribbon

    This listing is for triangle pattern webbing and has a gorgeous sheen. This narrow ribbon’s unique appeal comes from its texture and triangle design. It can be used for packing gifts, making bows, decorating gift boxes, or simply tying the boxes. The triangle ribbon’s width is 15mm and is available in 6 colors. The triangle ribbon is the ideal choice for home and party décor, wedding arrangements, craftwork, and more.

  • Herringbone Twill Weave Ribbon
    Herringbone Twill Weave Ribbon

    This webbing is woven into a herringbone design, made of polyester. Twill wide is 15mm and available in 12 colors, lightweight, can add a natural touch to gift wrapping, sewing, home décor, and craft of floral projects. With this ribbon its elegant woven texture and classic herringbone pattern, the herringbone ribbon is the ideal choice for home and party décor, wedding arrangements, craftwork, and more. This ribbon is offered in a variety of colors making it truly versatile and easy to work with ribbon.

  • Diagonal stripes Weave Ribbon
    Diagonal stripes Weave Ribbon

    This listing has a lovely diagonal stripes pattern that is ready to use for any occasion. All size comes from only 5/8 inches only. There are offering the 12 colors for choosing available. The design repeats itself uniformly to create a bold texture. This ribbon is great for making bow ties for topping gifts. Simple designs can sometimes make a project work better. Make a simple bow tie and top it on a gift box or bag that will upgrade the whole texture. Or add more color by using another fabric ribbon. By doing this, it provides more character to your design while still maintaining the same pattern motif.

  • Ultimate Luxury Woven Ribbon
    Ultimate Luxury Woven Ribbon

    These beautiful ribbons are designed with straight stripes featuring a combination of woven and metallic stripes in an alternating manner. They are accompanied by metallic linings to add a glittering update to the overall design. Available size comes in 1 inch wide only. We have it in 14 colors available. Both the stripes are woven into the ribbon, which makes it more enticing. The metallic strands create a beautiful glittering effect. This is perfect for any occasion. It would make beautiful package wrapping, trim for a sewing project, a gorgeous bow, or even as part of a wreath.

  • Sheer Glitter Stripes Ribbon
    Sheer Glitter Stripes Ribbon

    This series is a sheer ribbon with four stripes going through the entire ribbon. The dense and thickness of these ribbons are slightly different from a normal seer ribbon, which gives a novel texture comparing to the others. Each ribbon is made with 100% nylon and the width of the whole ribbon set is 1-1/2 inch.

  • Glitter Stripes Sheer Ribbon
    Glitter Stripes Sheer Ribbon

    This series is a sheer ribbon with silver glitter stripes with multiple colors. Different from other sheer ribbons, the touch and texture of this series may seem thicker or less delicate. This is becuase of the glittery metallic yarn and a different width of organza yarn is used during manufacture.Each ribbon is made with 70% of polyester yarn and 30% of metallic yearn, which is used to made the glitter stripes that went through the entire ribbon.

  • Carving Woven Ribbon
    Carving Woven Ribbon

    We've been committed to develop all designs of new woven ribbons for our customers, unlike normal simple design, we come up with trendy floral desgin combining the technique of plaid woven and plain woven.

  • Twinkle Silver Woven Ribbon
    Twinkle Silver Woven Ribbon

    This ribbon using folded silver metallic yarn to weave up with all other polyester color yarns. Fold silver metallic yarn has one specialty, is that the folded yarn enhances its solid look, makes the luster glows from each angle.

  • Multi-Colored Double Striped Ribbon
    Multi-Colored Double Striped Ribbon

    This ribbon features double striped of two colors on fabric, it is available in a variety of colors and has a matte finish. For a unique, modern twist to this retro ribbon, mix and match with solid colored, hi-gloss wrapping paper. Double-striped lines and colorful colors create a nice visual affect.

  • Stripes Grosgrain Plain Ribbon
    Stripes Grosgrain Plain Ribbon

    Matte style grosgrain stripe design ribbon with different sizes! As 21mm is a perfect size for the design, we extend the ribbon to be 38mm to enhance its creativity. Lots of customers used this design for gift-wrapping or accessories usages and require wider sizes. While it could be too dim if excess designs, so we arrange to add simple light colors to the sides. Focusing design in the middle of the ribbon, make a point of this ribbon!

Result 1 - 24 of 85

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