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  • Center Pattern Metallic Ribbon
    Center Pattern Metallic Ribbon

    5/8 inch narrow metallic ribbon features a center pattern in a popping color which is bling and fun to use! This ribbon is reversible and available in 8 dazzling color combinations.

  • Bicolor Metallic Decorative Ribbon
    Bicolor Metallic Decorative Ribbon

    This series is a cute 5/8 inch metallic woven ribbon that has a touch of silver or gold bling.

  • Narrow Metallic Craft Ribbon
    Narrow Metallic Craft Ribbon

    Decorating for the holidays really changes the atmosphere in a house. You must have tried creating a wonderfully warm and cozy feeling by using metallic holiday decor. The warm glow of shining gold and silver ornaments can instantly create a timeless look that absolutely sparkles! This listing features narrow metallic craft ribbon that is very versatile.

  • Pom Pom Woven Metallic Ribbon
    Pom Pom Woven Metallic Ribbon

    Extremely high class ribbon which is composed of 27% of gold and silver metallic yarn, 35% of special yarn and 40% of nylon of the ribbon base and tiny pom poms with the same color.

  • Shimmery Ribbon W/ Side-Stitching
    Shimmery Ribbon W/ Side-Stitching

    This newly launched ribbon collection features the mix of both polyester and metallic thread. Therefore, the plain color ribbons create a shimmery look. On both sides, there are special stitchings, white and silver thread by one by.

  • Shimmery Gold & Silver Metallic Ribbon
    Shimmery Gold & Silver Metallic Ribbon

    The 1.5 inches wide metallic ribbon features horizontal lines of gold and silver yarns and another plain color to deliver a luxurious look. This metallic ribbon is reversible and has just the perfect width for gift wrapping and craft project.

  • Flimsy Metallic Ribbon
    Flimsy Metallic Ribbon

    3/8 inch flimsy metallic nylon ribbon with a subtle sheen to it. The narrow width makes this metallic series perfect for adding sparkle to small packages. Featuring a metallic, woven cotton-like style sure to dazzle, this ribbon is exactly what you're looking for to take your crafting to the next level. Close a gift box, garnish a greeting card, or put a personal touch on any number of accessories!

  • Satin Center Metallic Ribbon
    Satin Center Metallic Ribbon

    Add a touch of luxury to your next gift with this elegant satin with metallic ribbon. Soft to the touch, this ribbon features a lush satin center panel surrounded by woven metallic fabric.

  • Knitted Metallic Mesh Ribbon
    Knitted Metallic Mesh Ribbon

    Made by professional knitting machine, these metallic mesh ribbons are composed of three types of yarn, polyester, nylon and metallic.

  • Shiny Christmas Tree Ribbon
    Shiny Christmas Tree Ribbon

    7/8 inch wide ribbon features shiny and tiny Christmas trees. Look closer at the patterns and you’ll find the base of those festive trees is white ink. Then, irregular stripes are printed on with gold or silver foil to present the branches of trees.

  • Love and Hearts Ribbon
    Love and Hearts Ribbon

    Get these splendid ribbons and you are ready for the Valentine's Day!

  • Love on Sky Ribbon
    Love on Sky Ribbon

    Do you know that Valentine’s Day is the second largest card giving day just after Christmas? Wrap up your holiday present with our ribbon to keep it unique!

  • Full Hearts Ribbon
    Full Hearts Ribbon

    What is your very thing to do on Valentine’s Day?

  • Sweethearts Ribbon
    Sweethearts Ribbon

    What is the definition of love?Love is a tricky thing. The word itself inspires so many different emotions, different memories, and different definitions for everyone. There is no set rules about what love should be, as we all create the shape of our own love.Love includes the relationship between families, friends, couples, masters and pets, teachers and students, the elderly and the younger… One of the best ways to maintain our relationship is to show the love.

  • St. Patrick Day Clovers Ribbon
    St. Patrick Day Clovers Ribbon

    This St. Patrick’s Day clovers ribbon series features two different background colors: natural and white.

  • St. Patrick’s Day Hat Ribbon
    St. Patrick’s Day Hat Ribbon

    As March 17 approaches, you might be searching for green items for attending parties celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Among all items, four-leaf clovers are one of the most popular selections.Do you know why people love the clovers? Actually, it has been part of Irish culture dating all the way back to the ancient times; people believed that the plant held "special powers to combat evil spirits." Over time, it becomes the symbol of fortune.

  • Metallic Stripes Ribbon
    Metallic Stripes Ribbon

    Whether you use them in a traditional way or in a totally modern and contemporary way, decorating with stripes is always a good choice. They have the power to level up the packaging or place.

  • Metallic Stripes Sheer Ribbon
    Metallic Stripes Sheer Ribbon

    This shiny listing makes a feature of metallic stripes in gold or silver. With delicate sheer, the ribbon creates a sense of elegance. It perfectly combines softness and luster.

  • Three-Stripe Metallic Ribbon
    Three-Stripe Metallic Ribbon

    The 7/8 inch three-stripe metallic ribbon features thin sparkling metallic stripes in gold or silver. This metallic ribbon is reversible and has just the perfect width for gift wrapping and craft project. Also great for floral arrangements, gift baskets, embellishing, home décor, bows and more.

  • Metal Shiny Fabric Ribbon
    Metal Shiny Fabric Ribbon

    Finish any project with a gleaming, metallic touch by using this impressive metallic ribbon.

  • Narrow Ombre Metallic Ribbon
    Narrow Ombre Metallic Ribbon

    This 3/8 inch ombre metallic ribbon is unique and gorgeous and will certainly give you all the shimmer you need for any craft project. Our narrow ombre metallic ribbon features 2 contrast colors with an ombre effect in the middle. This metallic ribbon is reversible and an excellent choice for all your holiday needs, from gift wrapping to decorating. Also great for floral arrangements, gift baskets, embellishing, scrapbooking, apparel, home décor, bows and more.

  • Blending Metallic Ribbon
    Blending Metallic Ribbon

    The first two Christmas colors are red and green. But lately many people are turning to the mix of colors for a more vibrant and spectacular look when picking their Christmas decorations. What about you? If you are a shiny lover, the listing may be your type. There are two yarns woven together for the ribbon. The yarns have different colors and surfaces; one is matte while the other is metallic.

  • Foam-Print Snowflakes Ribbon
    Foam-Print Snowflakes Ribbon

    Beautiful white snowflakes ribbon features different shapes of snowflakes processed by foam printing on two types of fabric.The ribbon edge is cut and sewn with metallic or matte matching thread and is wired for you to bend and shape with ease.

  • Damask Metallic Ribbon
    Damask Metallic Ribbon

    Classic and exquisite damask design made of black velvet on a special metallic organza fabric. This ribbon is available in 2 fabric colors and all sizes. The ribbon edge is cut and sewn with matte black thread and contains wire for you to bend and shape with ease.

Result 1 - 24 of 87

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