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  • Foil Metallic Designs Ribbon
    Foil Metallic Designs Ribbon

    Foil gold designs are better for homies that not liking the glitters falling into the place. There must be a taste of gold and shine during winter holidays, to light up the whole red, green, white, and blue accessories. What’s more, foil designs are good for all seasons, and become gift wrappers if you are looking for a luxurious touch of style.

  • LED Wrist Ribbon Band
    LED Wrist Ribbon Band

    Holidays are just perfect excuses for having late-night parties, so here we are offering parties LED wrist ribbon bands for parties! Outstanding your party outfits or a dress code for the parties! We initially gather with the most popular holiday printed ribbons, more and more patterns are coming up soon!

  • Floral Repeated Pattern Ribbon
    Floral Repeated Pattern Ribbon

    Repeated patterns ribbon is popular on all occasions, our designer figure that more and more customers are interested in taking classic wallpapers into smaller decorative items. For neat-freak people, this design’s neatly arranged repetitive patterns, and colors.

  • Twill Glitter Polka Ribbon
    Twill Glitter Polka Ribbon

    We renew polka dots designs ribbons every year, trying to come up with the new idea of classic designs. Polka dots can create a varied style when composing with different fabrics or printed with different methods. This ribbon here we printed the polka dots with glitter and based on twill printed ribbon. Just like party balls but much flexible for decorations.

  • Plaid & Lace Combined Ribbon
    Plaid & Lace Combined Ribbon

    Here’s another design of taking Christmas ribbons to the next level. This series of faux burlap and woven fabric combined Christmas ribbons features faux burlap ribbon overlaid with glitter plaid and laces printed embellished. It offers 2 color options including a beautiful red glittery plaid, black glittery plaid. Made of polyester. Our glittery plaid with lace combined ribbon is designed in 2-1/2 inches. Each ribbon is cut and sewn with matching thread and is wired to help to bow maintain its shape.

  • Fall Leaf Wired Ribbon
    Fall Leaf Wired Ribbon

    Elevate your gifts and fall party décor with exquisite leaf-patterned ribbon. It features the perfect autumnal motif of leaves changing with the season. Wrap and decorate for the season with autumnal leaves on a naturally wired ribbon. The whole series is available in one size only 2-1/2 inches. Each ribbon is cut and sewn with matching edge colors, and all are wired to help the bow maintain its shape. A flurry of delicate leaves in beautiful autumnal shades with highlights of metallic gold glitter printed onto a natural color burlap ribbon with a gold metallic wired edge. Perfect for bow making, gift wrapping, and indoor décor for Autumn/Fall and Thanksgiving.

  • Pumpkin Autumn Ribbon
    Pumpkin Autumn Ribbon

    Add a charming accent to seasonal packaging and decorations with this vintage red truck and pumpkin print wired ribbon. This ribbon is 2-1/2 inches wide and features a classic red truck surrounded by seasonal harvests pumpkins along one side of a faux burlap fabric ribbon. Wired ribbon is great for large, voluminous bow designs. Perfect for house décor, gift-giving, and crafts. We collected the classic fall pumpkins of various designs here, including beautiful shaded pumpkins, vines, and leaves, you can see the gold glitter accents the lines of the artwork and matches the metallic gold stitching, and pumpkins ribbon by sketch designs. Accent gifts and decorations with seasonal pumpkins ribbons are perfect for creating autumn decorations and decorations for Halloween, it’s designed for gift wrapping, decorating pots, vases, wreaths, compositions floristic, greeting cards, and any DIY project.

  • Fall Pumpkins Wired Ribbon
    Fall Pumpkins Wired Ribbon

    Look closer at the pumpkins and you will find shapes outlined in which different shades of colors are printed on them to make them more bright. Curly vines with green leaves are full of energy printed. The ribbon is cut from faux burlap fabric into a particular 2-1/2 inches while its edges are sewn wired by matt or metallic thread. The background colors are natural and beige base. They not only create a rustic look but also enlighten the feeling of autumn. This ribbon is 2-1/2 wide and features a series of painterly pumpkins with a lightweight fabric body. Wired ribbon offers a dazzling accent on holiday decorations, gift-giving, and crafts. Using this wired ribbon with a pumpkin print ribbon makes bow designs easy and fun.

  • Fall Collection Printed Ribbon
    Fall Collection Printed Ribbon

    Screen printing with narrow ribbon without wire is now the most popular item that is being inquired about! Autumn can be the most romantic and amazing season of all year, everything is changing every day, every second. Everyone has their seasonal traditions, what else can be more devoted to this season than to decorate your place with fall accessories! What elements we are looking forward to autumn, we asked ourselves. Should the elements just hit on to all ribbon lovers' sweet point? So our designers gathering all the tiny little icons and colors of the fall season made them into a whole picture! In the Ribbon set, there are designs of fallen leaves, owls, harvest pumpkins, autumn blossoms, and a taste of Fall colors!

  • Christmas Collection Ribbon
    Christmas Collection Ribbon

    Christmas woven ribbons and screen printed ribbons series, focusing on ribbons theme and combination of different fabrics.

  • Grosgrain Printed Ribbon
    Grosgrain Printed Ribbon

    This series is the 1.5" wide grosgrain ribbon. This ribbon has a satin glitter stripe in the middle with the sliver color edges of the ribbon showing. This is perfect for any occasion. It would make beautiful package wrapping, trim for a sewing project, a gorgeous bow, or even as part of a wreath. There are 13 colors are available. This is a range of woven grosgrain with a soft handle to it, this range has great clarity of color and comes with a generous 1.5” inch of ribbon on each reel. Woven from 100% polyester this ribbon.

  • Solid with Checkered Wired Ribbon
    Solid with Checkered Wired Ribbon

    Would you like some simple but outstanding decoration within your gift? Colorful and softly of faux burlap with think and thick lines checkered design printed, the whole brings out an elegant and textured atmosphere. All size comes to 2-1/2 inch, this series is available in 10 background colors. And we put a value on quality, so these ribbons are perfectly dyed. The colors are bright and look very energetic! Made of polyester, which is durable and not easy to damage.

  • Springtime Sunflower Blossom Ribbon
    Springtime Sunflower Blossom Ribbon

    This listing printed sunflowers in six different colors. They are in full blossom and vigor shown on the ribbon. The lovely spring colors include white, light pink, mustard yellow. All of them are soft and give a fresh feeling. Get creative with our 5/8" Pastel Spring Ribbon print! This newly launched spring series is printed from cut-faux burlap fabrics. The current available width of this ribbon is 5/8”.

  • Halloween carved Pumpkin Ribbon
    Halloween carved Pumpkin Ribbon

    Pumpkins carved weird smile and bats are a sure sign of the Halloween season. This Halloween happy pumpkin / Jack-O-Lantern printed ribbon is perfect of sewing, crafting and decoration. These series of fun Halloween ribbons almost are made of excellent quality satin and is designed with black flocked carved pumpkins and black bats. All ribbon measure 2-1/2” wide and comes complete with wired edge which are sewn on with a black thread giving the ribbon great body for bow making. Wow your Halloween party guests with this spooky yet elegant ribbon. History of Trick-or-Treating Borrowing from European traditions, Americans began to dress up in costumes and go house to house asking for food or money, a practice that eventually became today’s “trick-or-treat” tradition. Young women believed that on Halloween they could divine the name or appearance of their future husband by doing tricks with yarn, apple parings or mirrors.

  • Picturesque Autumn Maple Leaves Ribbon
    Picturesque Autumn Maple Leaves Ribbon

    The colours of autumn are so beautiful and it is the perfect time to spend some time in nature. Take a drive or stroll out and about the take a look at all the different trees around you. There are so many beautiful different colurs of autumn leaves and it's the only time of year to see them so make the most of it! The maple tree and its distinctive leaves are the best symbol of natural beauty in fall. Use special design that the fabric bottom like a hand painted silk art ribbon in shades of brown, gold, orange, olive green, rusty red, copper and white. The overall is beautiful and compelling, making it impossible to divert your eyes. All ribbon series is available in one specific size 2-1/2” only. It has 2 fabric options to offer.

  • Vintage Rhombus Ribbon
    Vintage Rhombus Ribbon

    This Christmas, why not ditch brightly colored baubles in favor of a more rustic and traditional Christmas decorating scheme? Think natural textures, festive colors of decorations. Give a nod to this folk-inspired ribbon for the most traditional of Christmas.

  • Fruit Prints Grosgrain Ribbon
    Fruit Prints Grosgrain Ribbon

    This ribbon is made of 100% polyester fabric and is printed on one side with lovely fruit designs.

  • Smiling Santa Ribbon
    Smiling Santa Ribbon

    Santa laughs with eyes tightly shut and mouth open in a wide smile, showing he’s in the mood of excitement and strong joy. As rumor has it, he appears with a red hat and long white beard.

  • Penguin & Snowflake Ribbon
    Penguin & Snowflake Ribbon

    This new Christmas ribbon series features a print of super cute little penguins waving and smiling at you as well as white snowflakes falling down on a special grosgrain that shines. These penguins have a matching scarf on for the winter. They are made in Taiwan from 100% polyester and as a result are very durable. It is 7/8 inch wide and available in 6 festive colors. The combination of winter icons makes this Christmas printed ribbon the perfect addition to your Christmas gift package, decorations, hand-tied bow, wreath, food packaging, craft projects and more. Various color combinations on different fabrics You can also have it custom made on the fabric of your choice. Check out your options by sending us inquiries.

  • Christmas Candy Cane Ribbon
    Christmas Candy Cane Ribbon

    Adorable candy cane design printed with fine glitter in white, red and green colors. The design involves both candy cane and candy cane swirl that makes this ribbon super fun for your holiday decorations. This Christmas candy cane ribbon series comes in a variety of colors and 2 types of fabric. You can easily match colors with your gift package. It’s 5/8 inch wide and has no wires on the edges. You can also have this candy cane ribbon custom made in the colors of your choice. Find out what we can make for you by sending us inquiries. Add a cute, fun touch to this holiday season with our candy cane printed ribbon! It’s an ideal addition to your Christmas gift package, decorations, hand-tied bows, hair bows, wreath, craft projects and more.

  • Botanical Narrow Ribbon
    Botanical Narrow Ribbon

    This narrow printed botanical ribbon is 5/8 inch wide featuring berries and plants printing in beautiful festive colors. The simple and elegant botanical design makes this narrow Christmas ribbon an ideal addition to your gift wrapping, decorations, bow, wreath, floral design, food packaging, craft projects and more.

  • Gold Embossed Hearts Print Satin Ribbon
    Gold Embossed Hearts Print Satin Ribbon

    A 15mm polyester single face satin ribbon that has different styles of hearts embossed in gold or silver color on it. You can actually feel the heart print! Custom colors can be made per request. This printed ribbon is great for Valentine’s gifts, craft project and gift wrapping. Quality assured. We adopt eco-friendly practices to manufacture this ribbon. Swatches are available upon request.

  • Iridescent Dots Print Satin Ribbon
    Iridescent Dots Print Satin Ribbon

    15mm printed ribbon with cute embossed dots of different sizes in white iridescent color on polyester single faced satin. You can actually feel these dots! Custom colors can be made per request. This ribbon is great for craft project and gift packaging. Quality assured. We adopt eco-friendly practices to manufacture this ribbon. Color cards or samples are available upon request.

  • All Hearts Print Ribbon
    All Hearts Print Ribbon

    Cute little hearts are embossed in white iridescent color all over the polyester single faced satin. You can actually feel those hearts. Custom or pantone colors can be made per request. Specific width in 1 inch. This printed ribbon is great for Valentine’s gift packaging, toys and any occasion where you want to show your love! Quality assured. We adopt eco-friendly practices to manufacture this ribbon. Color cards or samples are available upon request.

Result 1 - 24 of 29

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