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    We always can spot a piece of green in the freezing winter. In the Christmas song “The Holly and the Ivy” it describes the holly leaf means to Christians. The white flower represents the purity, the red fruit represents the blood, and the leaves symbolize the sacrifice spirit of Jesus.

  • Holiday Plaid Ribbon
    Holiday Plaid Ribbon

    Traditional holiday tartan plaid print design with green, red, and metallic gold wired ribbon Christmas design. The wired edges are over stitched with metallic gold thread to give it a sparkling finishing touch. This ribbon series is available in all sizes from 1-1/2 inch and above. This festive patterned tartan plaid ribbon has wired edges finished with matching thread to help the ribbon maintain its shape and for the bows to hold their shape.

  • Classic Buffalo Plaid Ribbon
    Classic Buffalo Plaid Ribbon

    This is a classic pattern that virtually goes with anything. It comes in 2 color combinations that are red-black, red-white, black-white. This ribbon series is available in all sizes from 1-1/2 inch and above. This classic patterned plaid ribbon has wired edges finished with matte matching thread to help the ribbon maintain its shape and for the bows to hold their shape.

  • Happy Halloween Party Ribbon
    Happy Halloween Party Ribbon

    We incorporated jack-o’-lanterns ribbon with Halloween elements like owls, black cat, witch hat and spider, cobwebs with spread some sweet candy and stars in this design. You’ll see difference expression these animals have and that’s what makes this series of Halloween ribbon so lively! Pick collection series of Halloween Party Ribbon offers 4 fabric options including satin, feather-yarn, flat velvet and faux burlap fabric. All comes in one size only-2-1/2 inch, and all has merrow wired edges that would help the ribbon maintain its shape. These sewn edges are in different colors to echo and match each ribbon. Ancient Origins of Halloween Halloween is a holiday celebrated each year on October 31, the tradition originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. Over time, Halloween evolved into a day of activities like trick-or-treating, carving jack-o-lanterns, festive gatherings, donning costumes and eating treats.

  • Halloween Bats Ribbon
    Halloween Bats Ribbon

    LONG TIME AGO, the world had the largest Halloween bat. He was jet-black with red eyes and sharp, pointed ears. He was born in England in an old coastal fort. It was said that he lived where the vampire had his resting place in… This series features are simple design. We make bats flying around on satin fabric. Some of them open their eyes and make the ribbon more vivid. This Halloween ribbons almost are made of excellent quality satin with black flocked bats. All ribbon sizes can be cut 1-1/2”, 2-1/2” and 4” options to offer, and smooth fabric base of this decorative ribbon features wired edge that makes shaping it in the form of bows and other decorative motifs easy as this ribbon can retain its shape gracefully.

  • Golden Poinsettia on Red Green Plaid Ribbon
    Golden Poinsettia on Red Green Plaid Ribbon

    We are playing a little mix and match with this Christmas ribbon. Its base fabric is a traditional dark green/red/black plaid with some fine stitched lines in cream as highlight. The print on top of it is a repeat of elegant golden poinsettias surrounded by gold scrolls. The combination of the plaid and golden poinsettia print is what makes this Christmas ribbon so unique and outstanding. This ribbon comes in 2-1/2 inch only, and features a matte dark green wired edge which helps the ribbon maintain its shape and for the bows to hold theirs.

  • 6-Loop & 6-Tail Bow
    6-Loop & 6-Tail Bow

    Imagination makes us infinite! What makes crafting and decorating so fun is that there is no set rules of how you should do them. Simple items are classic, but you still need some unique ones to stand out from crowd. This listing features our newest bow design with 6 loops and 6 tails.

  • 7-Loop Holiday Bow
    7-Loop Holiday Bow

    This perfectly symmetric bow provides a quick and easy way to dress up your Christmas trees, wreaths and other holiday decorating.

  • 5-Loop Florist Bow
    5-Loop Florist Bow

    When it comes to decorating the garden for holidays or new seasons, bows are used to add some holiday feelings. This listing features 5-loop bows that are handmade from 1.5 in. wired ribbons. The patterns on the bows bring holiday cheer in a glimpse. In other words, they are very effective items for decoration.

  • Spring Dotted Ladybugs Ribbon
    Spring Dotted Ladybugs Ribbon

    This spring ribbon comes with three background colors. With friendly insects that feature a chic red, black and white color palette, the ribbon is more colorful and perfect for a garden party, birthday bash or special teatime. Typical tentacles also bring vitality to the ribbon.

  • Ladybugs on Chamomile Ribbon
    Ladybugs on Chamomile Ribbon

    Chamomile flowers are well-known for their medicinal and herbal properties. The other reason why gardeners love to grow them is they attract beneficial insects. And ladybugs are one of them. They not only are helpful bugs but also make fun flavors to the everyday scenes. This ribbon captures the clip of ladybugs stays on chamomiles. This is a great choice for adding fresh and colorful decorations.

  • Lovely Ladybugs Ribbon
    Lovely Ladybugs Ribbon

    Do you know that ladybugs find a cozy place out of sight to hibernate until early spring? That's the reason why when we start seeing the dotted insects in the garden means spring comes. It is always a great idea to put on decorations with ladybugs to welcome the arrival of spring.

  • Spring Garden Ribbon
    Spring Garden Ribbon

    It's definitely been a long winter so far and with spring just around the corner, it's time to begin thinking about different ways to decorate your place for the warmer seasons. Ribbons with the butterflies and bees can help bring in the spring vibes with ease!

  • Spring Honeybees Ribbon
    Spring Honeybees Ribbon

    When you have a dream of bees, it symbolizes wealth, good luck and creativity. And when you see these insects in your life, it means spring is here!

  • Happy Easter Ribbon
    Happy Easter Ribbon

    Do you know that the colors found on most Easter scenes serve to underline the different moods of the various seasons, feasts, and celebrations? But it is undeniable that the more colors you use in your Easter party, the happier you and your families will be!

  • Wood Grain Decorative Ribbon
    Wood Grain Decorative Ribbon

    Want some easy decoration but is tired with simple stripes? Try this decorative everyday ribbon with white wood grain prints features irregular lines. Thick, thin, long and short lines are arranged parallelly and create complexity to the whole look.

  • Easter Bunny & Carrot Ribbon
    Easter Bunny & Carrot Ribbon

    Cheerful Easter colors, fresh spring flowers and cute Easter bunnies summarize the listing. This is a fruitful garden with carrots growing around. Little bunnies come from their homes that are under the ground to enjoy the carrots together.

  • White Rose Ribbon
    White Rose Ribbon

    Roses are one of the most desirable garden plants. It is not only because they are the feast for eyes, but they are considered as the symbol of love and have established a strong base in human thoughts and hearts.

  • Spring Bicolor Stripe & Dot Ribbon
    Spring Bicolor Stripe & Dot Ribbon

    This ribbon features simple stripes of two spring colors. On the straight lines, there are white dots arranged neatly. The dots are printed with a layer of iridescent glitters, making it more appealing.

  • St. Patrick's Hat & Clover Ribbon
    St. Patrick's Hat & Clover Ribbon

    Every March 17th, thousands of people dress themselves in green, march in Irish pride parades, and eat green clover-shaped cookies in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. To stand out at every St. Patrick party, you need this series to catch everyone’s eyes.

  • St. Patrick Clovers Ribbon
    St. Patrick Clovers Ribbon

    St. Patrick's Day is an enchanted time—a day to begin transforming winter's dreams into summer's magic. We love to celebrate it with parties and family gatherings, so the decorations in these places are even more important. To show the spirit, going green is the first task. We have just launched our 2021 spring items and this ribbon with three and four-leaf clovers is one of them. The fresh plants are flying in the air irregularly. There are green shamrocks emphasized by darker linings with white ones following.

  • Glittery Clovers Ribbon
    Glittery Clovers Ribbon

    There are four-leaf clover as the rare variation of the common three-leaf clover. They are outlined with white prints and printed with green glitters to create depth.

  • Glittery Hearts Valentine's Ribbon
    Glittery Hearts Valentine's Ribbon

    Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to deck out your space in all things love-related. You can easily transform your house into a total love shack with this listing of cute glittery heart-shaped prints.

  • Love Truck Ribbon
    Love Truck Ribbon

    Valentine's day approached and one of the most important things of celebrating Valentine's day published the romance at home and spent the evening featured memorable. Then adding some simple romantic touches to your home décor is a must.

Result 1 - 24 of 173

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