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  • Striped & Dotted Love Ribbon
    Striped & Dotted Love Ribbon

    Cupid — the winged baby that carries a golden bow and arrows — is one of the most famous symbols of Valentine’s Day. It has been one of the sweet dreams of every girl… to be hit by Cupid’s arrow.

  • Love and Hearts Ribbon
    Love and Hearts Ribbon

    Get these splendid ribbons and you are ready for the Valentine's Day!

  • Love on Sky Ribbon
    Love on Sky Ribbon

    Do you know that Valentine’s Day is the second largest card giving day just after Christmas? Wrap up your holiday present with our ribbon to keep it unique!

  • Full Hearts Ribbon
    Full Hearts Ribbon

    What is your very thing to do on Valentine’s Day?

  • Glitter Red Hearts Ribbon
    Glitter Red Hearts Ribbon

    This red glitter hearts Valentine’s Day ribbon series sparkles! The little dots and lines in matte white color inside the red glitter hearts are making this Valentine’s Day ribbon even more adorable. There are various red glitter heart designs all over the ribbon and it’s a perfect choice for Valentine’s Day decorations.This sweet and cute design is printed on 2 types of fabric, i.e. faux burlap and taffeta. It is available in 4 background colors, and comes in all widths.Our red glitter hearts Valentine’s Day ribbon series features wired edges finished with matte matching thread to help the ribbon and bow maintain its shape.

  • Sweethearts Ribbon
    Sweethearts Ribbon

    What is the definition of love?Love is a tricky thing. The word itself inspires so many different emotions, different memories, and different definitions for everyone. There is no set rules about what love should be, as we all create the shape of our own love.Love includes the relationship between families, friends, couples, masters and pets, teachers and students, the elderly and the younger… One of the best ways to maintain our relationship is to show the love.

  • Connecting Hearts Ribbon
    Connecting Hearts Ribbon

    This listing is a bold design because everything printed is glittery, just like love itself is shining with glory.

  • Ladybugs and Clovers Ribbon
    Ladybugs and Clovers Ribbon

    You must have heard of this catchy poetry:

  • Ladybugs Ribbon
    Ladybugs Ribbon

    The German Myth said, “If you save a ladybug’s life, you’ll be rewarded as many years of good luck as there are spots on its back.”While some other insects may pose a threat to human, ladybugs are harmless and even better. Many cultures over the centuries have cherished ladybugs, believing them to bring good luck.

  • Ladybugs on Trees Ribbon
    Ladybugs on Trees Ribbon

    Spring series of printed ladybugs feeding on trees, you may want to take into consideration if you are looking for something vitality. Ladybugs are said to bring good fortune and prosperity along with them, a symbol of luck arrival.

  • Flying Honeybees Ribbon
    Flying Honeybees Ribbon

    Cute little honeybees busy visiting flowers design printed on two types of fabric that are thick taffeta and faux burlap. The honeybees have transparent wings and a cute round body covered with yellow and black abdominal stripes. There’s a barbed stinger attached to their abdomen.The honeybees are beautiful workers and they create a super spring vibe to this ribbon. Let’s say goodbye to winter and welcome spring with this honeybees ribbon.

  • Bumblebees Ribbon
    Bumblebees Ribbon

    You’ll know for sure that spring is here when you see bumblebees. This ribbon features bumblebees that are a little larger in size and have a black body covered with dense yellow and black stripes. These bumblebees have big white wings and naughty little eyes. There’s a barbed stinger attached to their abdomen.

  • Spring Butterfly & Flower Ribbon
    Spring Butterfly & Flower Ribbon

    “Love is like a butterfly: It goes where it pleases and it pleases wherever it goes.”

  • Spring Leaf Ribbon
    Spring Leaf Ribbon

    “Spring adds new life and new beauty to all that is.”

  • Blooming Flower Spring Ribbon
    Blooming Flower Spring Ribbon

    Smooth texture with blooming flowers and bright color printed, light up the whole ribbon.

  • Rose Print Ribbon
    Rose Print Ribbon

    Bright raspberry pink roses are set off by green leaves on a beige background. Wired edge bound in ivory thread allows you to bend and shape your creations and decorate with ease.

  • Strawberries Ribbon
    Strawberries Ribbon

    The sweetness of strawberries is deeply loved by many. Somehow, after eating strawberries, we feel a sense of happiness. The more fruitful and juicy strawberries are, the more joyful people be.In daily lives, strawberries are cute icons as well. Take a look at this ribbon, you’ll find that we emphasize on not only the abundant berries but also the color harmony. The strawberries become more outstanding with the matte finish of faux burlap. The other advantage faux burlap brings is the good texture. Also, with the wired edges at both sides, the ribbons are foldable and can be easily shaped.

  • Strawberry Garden Ribbon
    Strawberry Garden Ribbon

    Strawberries are the first fruit to ripen each spring; you will notice spring coming when there is strawberries coming in market. Hand-drawing style of strawberry garden is printed on thick fabrics.

  • Easter Egg & Bunny Ribbon
    Easter Egg & Bunny Ribbon

    Spring is a beautiful time of the year, and Easter is a beautiful holiday. Getting together with family members on Easter is probably one of everyone’s favorite times. “On your mark, get set, GO!” The children and some older people race to find eggs filled with candy, prizes or money.

  • Polka Dotted Easter Ribbon
    Polka Dotted Easter Ribbon

    This design is all about decorated eggs in various bright, Easter colors including yellow, pink, hot pink, purple, green and blue. Each egg base is painted in an Easter spirit color, and embellished with colorful polka dots.This polka dotted Easter eggs design is printed all over a thick faux burlap fabric that comes in 6 vibrant colors. Our #KF4656 series is for people who love sparkles and has iridescent glitters to accentuate the Easter eggs design; whereas our #KF4657 series has a low-profile matte finish.

  • Easter Zig Zag Eggs Ribbon
    Easter Zig Zag Eggs Ribbon

    Easter Egg Hunt is a fun holiday activity for people of all ages. Even though the object of it is to simply find the hidden eggs, everyone loves it because it is always so surprising.

  • Easter Bunny & Carrot Ribbon
    Easter Bunny & Carrot Ribbon

    Speaking of Easter bunny, what comes to your mind firstly? Is it the big round eyes, the lovely teeth or the memories of raising a little rabbit in your childhood?We take the advantage of faux burlap fiber, the matte finish, to emphasize white rabbits on the ribbon. What’s more, with the wired edges at both sides, the ribbons can be folded at shape when they are used on gift wrapping or party decorating.

  • Decorative Easter Eggs Ribbon
    Decorative Easter Eggs Ribbon

    The Easter bunny has hidden enough plain and boring eggs. Not a good painter?

  • Jumping Easter Bunnies Ribbon
    Jumping Easter Bunnies Ribbon

    The series features Easter bunnies facing different directions, five kinds in a loop, to create a vivid image. In order to make them the best choice for every Easter party, we add white iridescent glitters to help them shine under the sun.

Result 1 - 24 of 69

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