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  • Checkered Edge Taffeta Ribbon
    Checkered Edge Taffeta Ribbon

    The cute narrow sized taffeta ribbon is designed with 5/8 inch width and featuring an evenly-sized little check pattern on both edges. The taffeta-like texture enhances the overall appearance with its coarse center complementing the crafty vibe of the design.

  • Twisted 6-Loop Bow
    Twisted 6-Loop Bow

    While small bows are ideal for embellishing gifts, decorations, card and other projects, these special and chic twisted bows can make your crafts even more adorable!

  • Fancy Silver Side Stitching Ribbon
    Fancy Silver Side Stitching Ribbon

    A home décor always depends on the owners’ aesthetic sense. But if you are really run out of creativity, just try to put on some items that are already beautiful. Then decorating can be less tough but more fun!

  • Center Pattern Metallic Ribbon
    Center Pattern Metallic Ribbon

    5/8 inch narrow metallic ribbon features a center pattern in a popping color which is bling and fun to use! This ribbon is reversible and available in 8 dazzling color combinations.

  • Bicolor Metallic Decorative Ribbon
    Bicolor Metallic Decorative Ribbon

    This series is a cute 5/8 inch metallic woven ribbon that has a touch of silver or gold bling.

  • Narrow Metallic Craft Ribbon
    Narrow Metallic Craft Ribbon

    Decorating for the holidays really changes the atmosphere in a house. You must have tried creating a wonderfully warm and cozy feeling by using metallic holiday decor. The warm glow of shining gold and silver ornaments can instantly create a timeless look that absolutely sparkles! This listing features narrow metallic craft ribbon that is very versatile.

  • Pom Pom Woven Metallic Ribbon
    Pom Pom Woven Metallic Ribbon

    Extremely high class ribbon which is composed of 27% of gold and silver metallic yarn, 35% of special yarn and 40% of nylon of the ribbon base and tiny pom poms with the same color.

  • Shimmery Ribbon W/ Side-Stitching
    Shimmery Ribbon W/ Side-Stitching

    This newly launched ribbon collection features the mix of both polyester and metallic thread. Therefore, the plain color ribbons create a shimmery look. On both sides, there are special stitchings, white and silver thread by one by.

  • Shimmery Gold & Silver Metallic Ribbon
    Shimmery Gold & Silver Metallic Ribbon

    The 1.5 inches wide metallic ribbon features horizontal lines of gold and silver yarns and another plain color to deliver a luxurious look. This metallic ribbon is reversible and has just the perfect width for gift wrapping and craft project.

  • Flimsy Metallic Ribbon
    Flimsy Metallic Ribbon

    3/8 inch flimsy metallic nylon ribbon with a subtle sheen to it. The narrow width makes this metallic series perfect for adding sparkle to small packages. Featuring a metallic, woven cotton-like style sure to dazzle, this ribbon is exactly what you're looking for to take your crafting to the next level. Close a gift box, garnish a greeting card, or put a personal touch on any number of accessories!

  • Satin Center Metallic Ribbon
    Satin Center Metallic Ribbon

    Add a touch of luxury to your next gift with this elegant satin with metallic ribbon. Soft to the touch, this ribbon features a lush satin center panel surrounded by woven metallic fabric.

  • Bling Striped Grosgrain Ribbon
    Bling Striped Grosgrain Ribbon

    Everyone loves simple and easy ribbons; especially those with stripe designs. The parallel lines are magical. They enhance the pleasure of decorating and crafting. However, normal woven ribbons are either with a matte or metallic finish. As for this "bling" striped ribbon, it is made by special weaving technique and therefore has a glimmering surface but you don't see metallic thread woven inside.

  • Bicolored Striped Grosgrain Ribbon
    Bicolored Striped Grosgrain Ribbon

    Recently, macarons, those totally gorgeous French pastries, rise in popularity because of their beauty. If you want your place to be injected with a little bit of macaron-full of delight, or pack a present for your loved ones with romantic colors, here are the ribbons that we can’t miss.

  • Heavy-Weight Striped Ribbon
    Heavy-Weight Striped Ribbon

    This 7/8 in. ribbon is a grosgrain that belongs to a high class series. The reason is that each ribbon is woven with 225 denier threads.

  • Tricolor Striped Woven Ribbon
    Tricolor Striped Woven Ribbon

    For a graphic statement that is as timeless as it is eye-catching, consider the stripe. Endlessly versatile, these lines can dramatically transform your interiors depending on how you use them.

  • 225 Denier Striped Ribbon
    225 Denier Striped Ribbon

    For a cozy and neutral home decorating, you'll need this striped ribbon with gray tones. The mixture of white, gray and another vibrant color strike a balance and create a comfortable and clean atmosphere.

  • Saddle Stitched Grosgrain Ribbon
    Saddle Stitched Grosgrain Ribbon

    A single row of small white dots is stitched along the edges of this narrow grosgrain ribbon and can be seen on both sides. The white stitches give a nice contrast the colorful grosgrain fabric.

  • Heart Center Woven Ribbon
    Heart Center Woven Ribbon

    Looking for a unique ribbon that brings romantic feelings? This woven ribbon with heart designs along the center can create endless romantic possibilities for you.

  • Heartbeat Woven Ribbon
    Heartbeat Woven Ribbon

    Lovely woven ribbon with heart designs for Valentine's day, wedding, anniversary and romantic days.

  • Woven Stripe & Triangle Ribbon
    Woven Stripe & Triangle Ribbon

    This ribbon is made of 70% polyester and 30% transparent yarn, which adorns the whole with a feeling of transparency. The special material also makes the texture very different from normal woven fabrics. It is level and smooth.

  • Woven Halloween Bones Ribbon
    Woven Halloween Bones Ribbon

    While traditional Halloween decorations often consist of fake ghosts and pumpkins, this woven ribbon with skull designs are designed to be chic and celebrate the spirit of the holiday in a more stylish and sophisticated way.

  • Half Sheer & Satin Ribbon w/Stitches
    Half Sheer & Satin Ribbon w/Stitches

    Have you ever tried decorating with half sheer half satin ribbon? It is a very magical thing that combines two textures. Although they seem to be very different, sheer and satin surprisely creates a noble look together.

  • Narrow Satin Center Sheer Ribbon
    Narrow Satin Center Sheer Ribbon

    Narrow woven ribbon features sheer edges and a satin center with stitching borderline.

  • Woven Stitched Edge Ribbon
    Woven Stitched Edge Ribbon

    This is a reversible woven ribbon that has thick side stitching. The series is currently avaialble in five bright colors with white stitiching and 5/8inch and 1-1/2 inch. The simple design makes big impact on gift wrapping, home décor and any everyday craft. The colors bring the feeling of spring and create a fesh look.

Result 1 - 24 of 259

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