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  • Colorful Geometry Ribbon
    Colorful Geometry Ribbon

    Geometric shapes and forms, decoration patterns and prints are one of modern design trends. Geometry helps create bright and modern vibe and add an interesting, fresh touch to home decorating.

  • Fancy Silver Side Stitching Ribbon
    Fancy Silver Side Stitching Ribbon

    A home décor always depends on the owners’ aesthetic sense. But if you are really run out of creativity, just try to put on some items that are already beautiful. Then decorating can be less tough but more fun!

  • Three-Color Stripe Ribbon
    Three-Color Stripe Ribbon

    This ribbon is woven from the yarns that mix both polyester and cotton. Therefore, it inherits the advantages from both: durability and steady. What’s more, the yarns are not easily affected with damp or go mouldy.

  • Thick & Thin Stripes Ribbon
    Thick & Thin Stripes Ribbon

    The key of this item lies in the combination of various stripes. Thick and thin stripes make the ribbon more vivid while the three colors bring out a joyful vibe. This beautifully woven ribbon comes in four color combos. This listing is 1.5” wide with woven edges. There are no wires on it. It is made in Taiwan with 100% polyester and therefore is guaranteed with high quality. The texture is thick and strong owing to our professional weaving technique. Send us an inquiry to arrange free color swatches and you can see how good it is

  • Fashion Bright & Dark Stripe Ribbon
    Fashion Bright & Dark Stripe Ribbon

    The ribbon is woven from 100% polyester. It features tri-color stripes, basic black, white and one color derived from the rainbow. They contrast colors strike a balance and present a fashion look.

  • Tartan Plaid Woven Ribbon
    Tartan Plaid Woven Ribbon

    This series is a 1.5 inch wide woven plaid ribbon. We mix and play different colors of yarns to weave this ribbon. The crisscrossed lines are forming a fun and cute plaid. There’s a variety of color combinations to choose from. Custom colors can also be arranged.

  • Twill Metallic Woven Ribbon
    Twill Metallic Woven Ribbon

    Maybe the first gift to yourself each Christmas should be to revitalize how you decorate your home. But whether or not you want to stick to vintage this year, new trends in adding glitter and glamor are worthy of a look.

  • Metallic Stripes Ribbon
    Metallic Stripes Ribbon

    Whether you use them in a traditional way or in a totally modern and contemporary way, decorating with stripes is always a good choice. They have the power to level up the packaging or place.

  • Half Sheer Half Satin Ribbon
    Half Sheer Half Satin Ribbon

    Sophisticated and elegant ribbon combines half satin and half organza

  • Bicolored Stripes Grosgrain Ribbon
    Bicolored Stripes Grosgrain Ribbon

    Recently, macarons, those totally gorgeous French pastries, rise in popularity because of their beauty. If you want your place to be injected with a little bit of macaron-full of delight, or pack a present for your loved ones with romantic colors, here are the ribbons that we can’t miss.

  • Metallic Stripes Grosgrain Ribbon
    Metallic Stripes Grosgrain Ribbon

    There’s always some times that you find your gift packaging lack of something and whatever fancy ornaments you put on it only makes it worse. Then you may try something simpler and there’s one good choice.

  • Heartbeat Woven Ribbon
    Heartbeat Woven Ribbon

    Another beautifully woven ribbon.

  • Diamond & Stripe Ribbon
    Diamond & Stripe Ribbon

    There are so many wildly varied ways to decorate a Christmas tree, yet many of us end up doing the same old thing every year. If you are looking for some fresh but classic ornament, this listing may be a good choice for you. The ribbon features stripes and diamonds woven in. The diamonds are in two sizes arranged one by one.

  • Blending Metallic Ribbon
    Blending Metallic Ribbon

    The first two Christmas colors are red and green. But lately many people are turning to the mix of colors for a more vibrant and spectacular look when picking their Christmas decorations. What about you? If you are a shiny lover, the listing may be your type. There are two yarns woven together for the ribbon. The yarns have different colors and surfaces; one is matte while the other is metallic.

  • Wavy Yarn Made Ribbon
    Wavy Yarn Made Ribbon

    Thanks to the special wavy yarn, the ribbon features a furry texture.

  • Reversible Dots & Stripes Ribbon
    Reversible Dots & Stripes Ribbon

    Made by professional weaving machine, the ribbon is reversible, creating two styles. Polka dot pattern is visible on both sides while stripe edge is woven and only appears on one of it.

  • Woven Check Ribbon
    Woven Check Ribbon

    This is a 1-1/2 inch reversible woven ribbon. There are two sizes and colors of squares staggered. Therefore, the visual effect is rich and not too easy.

  • Plain Soft Polyester Ribbon
    Plain Soft Polyester Ribbon

    On seeing this ribbon, you may associate it with something boring. However, this is a super cool one.

  • Tricolor Srtipes Woven Ribbon
    Tricolor Srtipes Woven Ribbon

    For a graphic statement that is as timeless as it is eye-catching, consider the stripe. Endlessly versatile, these lines can dramatically transform your interiors depending on how you use them.

  • Cross Weave Craft Ribbon
    Cross Weave Craft Ribbon

    Tweed woven ribbon having an open, flexible texture with a cross-weave structure features a rough look and a beautiful color mixture. This ribbon comes in 20 gorgeous colors and 3 widths. Add a perfect finishing touch to your gift package, craft projects, floral arrangement, hair bow, wreath, scrapbooking and home décor with this tweed ribbon!

  • Special Rough Cotton Ribbon
    Special Rough Cotton Ribbon

    This series of narrow ribbon has adopted our newly developed artificial cotton yarn that is rough and natural looking. A special unbleached yarn is used in the weft which is our secret to making this ribbon unique! This ribbon is available in 3 sizes and 20 rustic colors. It’s perfect for your craft project, gift wrapping, scrapbooking, bow, hair bow, floral arrangement and all decorations.

  • Stripe & Square Woven Ribbon
    Stripe & Square Woven Ribbon

    There are three colors of yarn woven for this listing and create a colorful look.

  • Two-Sides Fringed Ribbon
    Two-Sides Fringed Ribbon

    The ribbon body is 17mm wide with looped fringes extended from it on both sides. Polyester colored yarn and metallic yarn in gold or silver color are woven together to create a sparkle look. There is monofilament yarn included along the selvedge so this ribbon is very easy to work with. Currently available in 5 colors and in gold and silver versions. Other colors can be arranged per customers’ request. Great for gift packaging, sewing & craft projects, bows and more.

  • One-Side Fringed Ribbon
    One-Side Fringed Ribbon

    This fringed ribbon has a body of 14mm wide with looped fringes extended from it on one side. Polyester colored yarn and metallic yarn in gold or silver color are woven together to create a sparkle look. It is currently available in 5 colors and in gold and silver versions. Other colors can be produced per customers’ request. This ribbon is great for your sewing & craft projects, apparel, toys, home décor and decorations.

Result 1 - 24 of 239

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