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  • KY Special Design Ribbons
    KY Special Design Ribbons

    KY design team has been growing, and keep working on develop our own designs of seasonal ribbons to all customers. Within this section you may find our design draft on raw paper that patterns only provided by King Young. Production samples would be proceed after receiving inquiries and accepting our basic quantity. All designs' minimum quantity would be 1.5"-6,600 yards & 2.5"-4,800 yards per order, for per size/per colors/per designs. Sample swatches are available upon inquiries, please do not hesitate to let us know your preferred designs. We will quote and send you sample shortly.

  • KY Self Design Ribbon
    KY Self Design Ribbon

    Here KY opens a section where customers are able to decide their own ribbons by choosing below patterns, pattern colors, and fabric types, fabric colors.

  • Luminous Ribbon
    Luminous Ribbon
    NEW 2022

    A light-storing fiber stores light and emit light during the dark. A self-glow fiber that is environmentally friendly, fine fiber, washable, and energy-saving, light glows from its contain rare element “Strontium”. Combine luminous powder to chemical fibers, gather with plastic fiber polymer, and then manufactured the ribbon with fiber yarns!

  • Pattern with Glitter Ribbon
    Pattern with Glitter Ribbon

    Glitter of patterns is the most popular and classic styles for decorative ribbons series choice. This series of glitter ribbons includes faux-animal strips, palace décor floral, checks and dots designs pattern.

  • Striped Wired Ribbon
    Striped Wired Ribbon

    These striped ribbon designs are quite versatile. Try using it to decorate flower bouquets or enhance your packaging! This ribbon is available in a variety of colors as shown in the color image list. These ribbons are 2-1/2 inches wide, single-faced, and the texture of the base material enhances its overall appearance. With wired edges that allow for easy shaping of ribbons in the style of bows, and other decorative designs. The edges are overstitched with metallic thread to create this beautiful wired design while adding a sparkling finishing touch to the overall styling. This ribbon can be used for gift packing, party decorations, and many other creative tasks.

  • Scroll Wired Ribbon
    Scroll Wired Ribbon

    Constructed of a burlap ribbon base with a shimmering glitter swirl print design. These ribbons series would make a beautiful addition to packaging gifts, floral arrangements, and wedding and Christmas décor such as adding to garlands, trees, wreaths, etc. These gorgeous ribbons with classic scroll patterns with glitter are perfect for your next craft project. It can be used to make hair bows, dog bows, headbands, wreaths, or for many other art projects. The possibilities are endless!

  • Leopard Print Wired Ribbon
    Leopard Print Wired Ribbon

    These are quality printed leopard design ribbons are perfect for sewing, crafting, bows, dog collars, lanyards, key fobs, party favors, hatbands, gift wrap, and decorating! Animal print never goes out of fashion and this is a true classic! We chose one of these fun thick woven jute is accented with a bold black and brown leopard or cheetah print. The combination of natural burlap texture and exotic animal print creates a dramatic ribbon.

  • Hanging Christmas Ornaments Ribbon
    Hanging Christmas Ornaments Ribbon

    These are our new Christmas ornaments ribbons collection. Wrap and decorate gifts and more with decorative ornaments on the wired ribbon. These ribbons are 2-1/2” wide, single-faced, and feature a variety of embellished holiday ornaments printed along one side of a fabric ribbon. It is perfect to add to any whimsical or black and white themed tree. Add variety to a garland or wreath with this jovial ornament. The main element of the ribbons are these ornaments design, which is often time used as the decoration of Christmas tree, the gold glitter is added around to emphasize the pattern of the baubles. The color diversity and realistic drawing are the essences of these ribbons, and they can definitely make your space more decorative and stunning.

  • Organza Glitter Decor Ribbon
    Organza Glitter Decor Ribbon

    Based on tender organza fabric ribbon, colors of glitter paint out a great series of patterns upon. Organza ribbon having a see-through effect putting on glitter design patterns outstanding the texture of sheer and light up the ribbon series itself.

  • JOY Wired Christmas Ribbon
    JOY Wired Christmas Ribbon

    This is a beautiful printed Christmas ribbon. It comes one width 2-1/2 inches. Fine metallic gold glitter letters spelling “JOY” which the letters are made of wreaths, poinsettia flowers and holly leaves, red berries. Combing arts and crafts with colors similar to this JOY pint Christmas ribbon can not only create a rustic scene but also build a warm feeling. It is perfect for your Christmas crafts and your holiday decoration projects, like making a wreath, a tree topper, decorating your tree, making beautiful decorative bows.

  • Mistletoe Wishes Ribbon
    Mistletoe Wishes Ribbon

    Mistletoe, the evergreen plants with red seeds together stand out their self while the winter Christmas. Some sayings standing below mistletoe, get the wishes of love and peace, what a symbol of holidays. Many years of designs on mistletoe wishes, this series, we turn it into many kinds of patterns. Twining along with the plaid patterns implied with white paints and a part of plants tied up with ribbons.

  • Snowflakes Ribbon
    Snowflakes Ribbon

    Snowflakes are unique and unable to find their pair in the world! It's proved that every snowflake in the world is diverse, it is almost impossible to seek the same ones. But with our snowflakes theme ribbons, there are always pairs of snowflakes on different fabrics or fabric colors.

  • Vary Twill Ribbon
    Vary Twill Ribbon

    Stripes or linear patterns are always popular in all sorts of holiday decorations, vary colors combine would result in a different feeling of the style shown. The twill designs are printed with many materials such as glitter, velvet, or simply color paints, every material would create a special touch of ribbon.

  • Xmas Plants Ribbon
    Xmas Plants Ribbon

    Holiday lively plants patterns give an active, prompt, full of vitality atmosphere to your decorations. Mistletoe could blossom during the frozen weather, normally it’s snowy and cover up with ice during the Christmas period. The plant itself the evergreen leaves symbolize “life that does not die”, associated with fertility, long life, and good luck!

  • Fir Forest Ribbon
    Fir Forest Ribbon

    Dark fir trees growing tons that create the forest, in winter times, white angels are coming from the sky. Thick snow-pile covering the ground, keep the soil cold and moisturized to a flourish new year.

  • Leopard Tree Tartan Ribbon
    Leopard Tree Tartan Ribbon

    Dress up your cart into warm tartan plaid and carry your favorite Christmas tree back home during the sparkling night! Wishing all a merry and bright Christmas, sending the best wishes, and looking for the best.

  • Pine Cone Branch Ribbon
    Pine Cone Branch Ribbon

    Pine cones all over the ground when the right weather has come, a symbol of winter and Christmas season in the northern half of earth. Design is depicted by white and gold ink to enhance its dimensional touch, lifelike actual branches images from a winter plant.

  • Red&Green Dots Ribbon
    Red&Green Dots Ribbon

    Ribbon with polka dots is highly inquiring for all customers since dots are apply-able on all sorts of occasions. Even in the series, we are using red and green to match Christmas's holiday color, but still, polka dots ribbons are widely used in each season and holiday.

  • Gold Mistletoe Ribbon
    Gold Mistletoe Ribbon

    Christmas mistletoe pattern designs are a classic icon for holiday decoration, our designers work to vary the design each year to stand out and show more style accordingly the year. To out-stand the pattern, mistletoe outlined with gold glitter around, utilizing simple colors and embedding with rare color to show its specialness.

  • Reindeer & Holly Leaves Ribbon
    Reindeer & Holly Leaves Ribbon

    This ribbon design is based on portraits of the majestic looks of reindeer which surrounds classic plants as holly leaves, red berries. This patterned ribbon is cut from the fabric into a specifically 2.5” wide. Wires are sewn with matte or metallic thread on both edges to help the ribbon maintain its shape when it is tied into anything. This Christmas ribbon comes in faux burlap and satin and both of them are assured of high quality. Two-color options are available. The reindeer are cool their won, rustic reindeer-themed Christmas ribbon features a reindeer head, reindeer antlers with holly leaves, berries. Along with these features is a snow view giving you a holiday vibe.

  • Reindeer With Buffalo Plaid Ribbon
    Reindeer With Buffalo Plaid Ribbon

    The majestic reindeer silhouette sits on a cozy red/black plaid, and white/black background giving this incredible, wired ribbon a farmhouse feel that pairs perfectly with burlap and twill textures. Elegant reindeer head ribbon printed with buffalo plaid design on burlap and twill texture. The rustic look makes this ribbon series an ideal addition to your Christmas decorations, Christmas tree, gift package, bow, wreath, floral arrangements, home décor, craft projects, and more! It’s available in 3 colors and comes in one specific width 2-1-2”. The ribbon edge is sewn with matte matching thread and contains wire for you to bend and shape with ease.

  • Santa Gnomes Wired Ribbon
    Santa Gnomes Wired Ribbon

    2-1/2” wired ribbon Christmas Nordic Gnomes on burlap-perfect for Christmas décor! In this series of Christmas gnomes ribbons we created, traditional and holiday cheer is the key. Thus it features pointy hats in the red color and all gnomes wearing red outfits and a pair of red gloves. Decorate and embellish with jolly Christmas gnomes on the wired ribbon. The ribbon features a series of bearded gnomes accessorized with iconic pointy hats, candy canes, trees, and cars. The Christmas gnomes ribbon has 4 fabric options and 5 colors to offer. The fabrics are flat velvet and faux burlap, satin, polyester/cotton. This series is one size only-2-1/2 inches. Each is out and sewn with the matte matching edge with the wire that will help the bow maintain its shape.

  • Candies Tunnel Ribbon
    Candies Tunnel Ribbon

    Christmas candies tunnel ribbon, candies falling to your pocket through the joy twill tunnel! Candy series of designs are mostly requested during holidays, related to joyfulness and happiness of every day. Candy patterns are so real that you can feel the sweetness melted within your mouth, imagining getting rid of the packaging and send into your mouth! How sweet!

  • Random Candies Ribbon
    Random Candies Ribbon

    A bag of candies opens for children to stir and grab a hand of those favorite ones, the best picture holidays within the mind. Candies symbolize sweat and happiness that is the reason we have put candies and all the sweetness into holiday designs.

Result 1 - 24 of 393

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