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  • St. Patrick’s Day Gnome Ribbon
    St. Patrick’s Day Gnome Ribbon

    We are bringing the fun and magic of St. Patrick’s Day to life with this cute St. Patrick's Day ribbon. These gnomes are lined up taking all luck shamrock and wearing different hats. This ribbon feature has made of faux burlap fabric and using a traditional luck green color on the background. The whole series is available in one size only - 2-1/2 inch. Each ribbon is cut and sewn with matching edge colors, and all are wired to help the bow maintain its shape.From the very beginning, they were considered to be good luck charms. Today, gnomes have resurged as the perfect addition to your holiday decor.

  • St. Patrick’s Day Wired Ribbon
    St. Patrick’s Day Wired Ribbon

    This Luckily Shamrock ribbon size comes in a 2.5” wired ribbon. Elegant and gorgeous, the St. Patrick’s Day ribbon-Green shamrock on Black and Green stripe is an ideal choice to enliven your home décor. These ribbons are using flat velvet fabric which you can feel the texture softer and smooth.The decorative ribbon features stunning green Shamrocks on black and white stripes for visual flair. Its edges are further stitched with a matte matching thread for an enhanced appeal. You can ornate your St. Patrick’s Day wreath with this ribbon to compliment your décor theme.

  • Spring Vibe Ribbon
    Spring Vibe Ribbon
    KF6276.KF6275, KF6272, KF6270, KF6271

    Ribbons are made with plain weave base cloth, single color or even check designs, fine cut-edge with collocate matte thread covering. It is your choice to put up with wire or without!

  • July-4th Celebrate Ribbon
    July-4th Celebrate Ribbon

    The one day that celebrates such a memorable day, the independence of the United States. Passing through decades of fighting over its' right, the day people see the dawn of its country's special day. On and before the day 4th of July, there are huge celebrations for this holiday. If you are obsessed with decorating your spaces, you should not miss this one!

  • Stars Align Ribbon
    Stars Align Ribbon

    Stars align ribbon is originate from the designs of July fourth celebration themes, but we find it eye-catching and wide usage during every day household décor, gift wrapping, floral setting…etc.

  • Everyday Stripe Ribbon
    Everyday Stripe Ribbon

    Wired ribbon with a common look of stripes patterns with many colors combines, easy to shape and suitable to decoration during all kinds of season and festivals.

  • Triple Hearts Ribbon
    Triple Hearts Ribbon

    Valentine’s design triple hearts ribbon series, white and red glitter on each layer, and adding on dotted lines to outstand the heart shape. Wired ribbon series of valentine themes are limited edition of spring collection of every year you would not want to miss.

  • A Truck of Love Ribbon
    A Truck of Love Ribbon

    Our latest valentine’s day series ribbons, combing the classic image for Christmas trucks. We found it meaningful that, a truck full of loves, taking them around especially sending loves to your lovely valentines!

  • Plaid Check Love Ribbon
    Plaid Check Love Ribbon

    Over these past years, all kinds of checkered and plaid designs are our most inquiry among all the orders. We’ve come up with combining all elements to make a normal design to be special and outstanding!

  • Lovely Icon Ribbon
    Lovely Icon Ribbon

    During valentine’s day, we will want to tell our loved ones about our thought about them. It can be a more mysterious way to express your loves, telling them you love them and cherish their being every day.

  • Classy Valentine Ribbon
    Classy Valentine Ribbon

    It can be ribbons not only use on Valentines’ day but also your everyday! Use the ribbon when you have something to say to your loved ones, a special day (birthdays, anniversaries, or parties) or even a simple decoration for your place.

  • Handwrite Love Ribbon
    Handwrite Love Ribbon

    Don't wanna send out flower so cliché in Valentine every year? Tie up with ribbons!

  • Diamond Plaid Ribbon
    Diamond Plaid Ribbon
    KF4674, KF5769, KF5770, KF5793

    Would you like some simple but outstanding decoration within your packages? Thin and thick stripes with diamond design printed with a touch of glitter embellish the whole.

  • Springtime Sunflower Blossom Ribbon
    Springtime Sunflower Blossom Ribbon

    This listing printed sunflowers in six different colors. They are in full blossom and vigor shown on the ribbon.The lovely spring colors include white, light pink, mustard yellow. All of them are soft and give a fresh feeling.Get creative with our 5/8" Pastel Spring Ribbon print!This newly launched spring series is printed from cut-faux burlap fabrics. The current available width of this ribbon is 5/8”.

  • Pine Cone Pine Needles Ribbon
    Pine Cone Pine Needles Ribbon

    Rustic pine cones and pine needles print on faux burlap fabric. This print is so exquisite because up to six layers of print were applied to it. It involves fine gold dusts, emerald glitter as well as different shades of brown to create this gorgeous Christmas ribbon! The ribbon edge is sewn with matte khaki thread and it contains wire for you to bend and shape with ease. It comes in 2 fabric colors and all sizes.

  • Glittery Stars Fabric Ribbon
    Glittery Stars Fabric Ribbon

    Twinkle twinkle little star design printed with 3 colors of glitter on two types of fabric which are organza and satin. This ribbon series is available in 10 color combinations and various sizes for all your decoration needs. The ribbon edge is cut and sewn with metallic matching thread and contains wire for you to bend and shape with ease. This sparkling stars ribbon is an ideal addition to your Christmas decorations, wedding, gift package, bow, wreath, floral arrangement, home décor and craft projects!

  • Halloween Bats Ribbon
    Halloween Bats Ribbon

    LONG TIME AGO, the world had the largest Halloween bat. He was jet-black with red eyes and sharp, pointed ears. He was born in England in an old coastal fort. It was said that he lived where the vampire had his resting place in…This series features are simple design. We make bats flying around on satin fabric. Some of them open their eyes and make the ribbon more vivid. This Halloween ribbons almost are made of excellent quality satin with black flocked bats. All ribbon sizes can be cut 1-1/2”, 2-1/2” and 4” options to offer, and smooth fabric base of this decorative ribbon features wired edge that makes shaping it in the form of bows and other decorative motifs easy as this ribbon can retain its shape gracefully.

  • Center Pattern Metallic Ribbon
    Center Pattern Metallic Ribbon

    5/8 inch narrow metallic ribbon features a center pattern in a popping color which is bling and fun to use! This ribbon is reversible and available in 8 dazzling color combinations.

  • Bicolor Metallic Decorative Ribbon
    Bicolor Metallic Decorative Ribbon

    This series is a cute 5/8 inch metallic woven ribbon that has a touch of silver or gold bling.

  • Narrow Metallic Craft Ribbon
    Narrow Metallic Craft Ribbon

    Decorating for the holidays really changes the atmosphere in a house. You must have tried creating a wonderfully warm and cozy feeling by using metallic holiday decor. The warm glow of shining gold and silver ornaments can instantly create a timeless look that absolutely sparkles! This listing features narrow metallic craft ribbon that is very versatile.

  • Bicolored Striped Grosgrain Ribbon
    Bicolored Striped Grosgrain Ribbon

    Recently, macarons, those totally gorgeous French pastries, rise in popularity because of their beauty. If you want your place to be injected with a little bit of macaron-full of delight, or pack a present for your loved ones with romantic colors, here are the ribbons that we can’t miss.

  • Heavy-Weight Striped Ribbon
    Heavy-Weight Striped Ribbon

    This 7/8 in. ribbon is a grosgrain that belongs to a high class series. The reason is that each ribbon is woven with 225 denier threads.

  • Tricolor Striped Woven Ribbon
    Tricolor Striped Woven Ribbon

    For a graphic statement that is as timeless as it is eye-catching, consider the stripe. Endlessly versatile, these lines can dramatically transform your interiors depending on how you use them.

  • 225 Denier Striped Ribbon
    225 Denier Striped Ribbon

    For a cozy and neutral home decorating, you'll need this striped ribbon with gray tones. The mixture of white, gray and another vibrant color strike a balance and create a comfortable and clean atmosphere.

Result 1 - 24 of 211

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