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  • Lucky Irish Wired Ribbon
    Lucky Irish Wired Ribbon

    Saint Patrick’s Day is a beloved holiday that celebrates Irish culture and heritage. It is a day of fun, festivities, and wearing green! We design a ribbon that features iconic symbols of Saint Patrick’s Day, including shamrocks, and gnoms who are mischievous fairy creatures from Irish folklore and are often depicted wearing green and hiding pots of gold at the end of rainbows. This whimsical image has become synonymous with Saint Patrick’s Day and adds a playful touch to the ribbon. We offer only a size of 2-1/2 inches and the ability to hold its shape and making it suitable for a wide range of that applications. It can be used for gift wrapping, wreath making, floral arrangements, and other decorative projects.

  • White Stars Denim Ribbon
    White Stars Denim Ribbon

    Star is a regular element for all sorts of decorating themes, suitable for every scenario, everyday decorating, accessory, floral arrangement; US national holiday decorating and applications; or holiday house or gift dressing.

  • July 4th Celebration Ribbon
    July 4th Celebration Ribbon

    Fourth of July ribbon series are a special column especially for certain national holiday. National holiday elements as fireworks, cars and parade, star flags, it’s all about memorial, celebration, and parties! Ribbons are just perfect for party decoration, the house décor, and floral arrangements.

  • Easter Delight Ribbon Collection
    Easter Delight Ribbon Collection

    Looking to add some festive flair to your Easter decorations? Consider incorporating Easter-themed ribbons into our DIY projects. Easter ribbon is typically adorned with pastel colors, cute bunny rabbits, and Easter eggs, making it the perfect addition to wreaths, centerpieces, and more. Easter ribbon can be used in a number of different ways to spruce up your Easter décor. You can use it to tie bows on wreaths, hang decorations, or wrap Easter baskets, also add Easter eggs, bunny figurines, and other decorations to complete the look.

  • Spring Blossom Ribbon
    Spring Blossom Ribbon
    KF7480.KF7488.KF7492.KF7493.KF7494. KF7501.KF7544.KF7545.KF7552

    Spring floral ribbon typically features a design with a variety of colorful flowers, leaves, and other botanical elements, which are arranged in a whimsical and lively pattern. Add these 2-1/2 inches wide ribbons to any of your design pieces, floral arrangements, or home décor that can be used not only for the Easter Holiday or the Spring season but also for the Summer season. These designs can be used for any occasion. The flowers and other elements on the ribbon may be printed or woven into the fabric and can range in size from small buds to larger blooms. Common flowers featured on spring floral ribbons include daisies, roses, tulips, and lilies, but there may also be other types of flora depicted, such as vines, ferns, and leaves.

  • Summer Fruits Ribbon
    Summer Fruits Ribbon

    Pineapple, lemon, lime and tangerines, famous summer fruits, putting these designs into ribbon for hot days’ decorations and applications. Hot summer days just perfect to decorate with cute and fresh fruits images, this series of ribbon is specially done for the season, add the elements into your house, gift, floral arrangements and more!

  • Stylish Valentine Hearts Ribbon
    Stylish Valentine Hearts Ribbon

    Valentine hearts should not be limited to white, pink, red colors, the stylish valentine hearts ribbon series we including valentines’ elements in multi colors and stripes. Colorful elements showing the vivid days of lovers, and adding the cuteness into the special day expression. Vary hearts designs different from the classic style, if you are looking for something special for the day décor, you will not want to miss this heart ribbon series.

  • Cartoon Hearts Love Ribbon
    Cartoon Hearts Love Ribbon

    Cute patterns adding into the round-heart designs, creating a bright style as the ribbon itself. The heart patterns are drawn with much rounded shape with all the carton designs included, very good for holiday decoration for lively couples or families.

  • Glitter Hearts Ribbon
    Glitter Hearts Ribbon

    The glitter heart ribbons are perfect to pack up your special day presents for Valentine ’s Day or mother/father’s day! Patterns are simply glittered with red hearts and white printed hearts; vary stripes creating the different vibes along the ribbon fabrics.

  • Valentines Words Ribbon
    Valentines Words Ribbon

    The word “ LOVE” expressing more than everything you say to show your heart to the special someone. Ribbons within the Valentine’s day theme including red, pink, white paints and glitters adding, the classic colors to support lovers during the day, and the theme words to stand out the day.

  • Plaid Style Valentine Ribbon
    Plaid Style Valentine Ribbon

    Getting the two elements together for lovely Valentine’s day or even just for special days, the plaid and hearts designs are perfectly matching and enhance the specialty! The plaid patterns are printed with color paints instead of the fabric yarns itself, so this creates a better flexibility on the design.

  • Holiday Santa Ribbon
    Holiday Santa Ribbon

    This ribbon series include every styles of Santa Claus designs, the most iconic present for this lovely holiday. Santa will be familiar to everyone since childhood, this ribbon designs surrounding the theme of happiness, daily routine, and working mode of the character of Santa Claus. A symbol of giving and praising for doing good within the year, who doesn’t like Santa anyway!

  • Snowmen Celebrate Ribbon
    Snowmen Celebrate Ribbon

    Snowman designs showing a holiday vibes for winter holidays, adding decoration onto the two white snow balls are the best to represent Christmas days ribbon. Snowmen design ribbons are good for winter season decorations/arrangements, plus several red, white, and green color elements make the great icon for Christmas decors and perfect for wrapping holiday gifts.

  • Color-pop Stripes Ribbon
    Color-pop Stripes Ribbon

    Two to four colors stripes adding some patterns in between the prints, the ribbon look vividly and cute for regular decorations. Stripes patterns are the simple designs for printing ribbons, cute and have many styles just by different color collaboration. Simple designs ribbons are good for package wrapping, daily floral arrangement, and making bows or more!

  • Velvet Pattern Ribbon
    Velvet Pattern Ribbon

    Velvet is popular texture for winter seasonal ribbons, or looking for luxurious vibe of decorations. Instead of plain velvet ribbon, printing the complex pattern with flocking create a luxurious and elegant style. All the flocking patterns are classic and also unique to be within holiday decors.

  • Modern Xmas Ribbon
    Modern Xmas Ribbon

    Pop-style Christmas words, Christmas trees snowflakes, and colors plates combination, colorful and young vibe for holiday dressing. Three matching colors with printing patterns on each, complex but eye-catching, creating a joyful holiday decoration. Little patterns printing shows better holiday vibes than big patterns, if you are looking for cute and jauntily do not miss this one!

  • Holiday Gnomes Christmas Ribbon
    Holiday Gnomes Christmas Ribbon

    Such a cute Christmas ribbon. It is 2-1/2 inches with a cute Nordic Santa design. Santa is highlighted with silver glitter and the wired edge has an iridescent thread to add extra sparkle. Perfect for gift wrapping, bows, and decorations. This beautiful ribbon is 2-1/2 wide, and each is out and sewn with the matte matching edge with the wire that will help the bow maintain its shape. Christmas garden gnomes with a wired edge. This is perfect for bows, crafts, decorating, gifts, floral arrangements, wreaths, and much more!

  • Nutcracker Icon Ribbon
    Nutcracker Icon Ribbon

    A nutcracker soldier standing still along the buildings only move during midnight, protecting the castle as their life matters. Nutcracker’s originated from magic during the Christmas season! Themes of nutcracker soldiers are classic for Christmas/winter season, putting this idea into holiday decorative ribbons is the best move, an identical character, and is perfect for decorations!

  • Spruce Candy Canes Ribbon
    Spruce Candy Canes Ribbon

    Green spruce in a bunt packing up with crossed candy canes image printing onto the satin fabric, then cutting it into small width ribbon. Spruce plants are a symbol of clean and elegant, a type of plant that people take home for Christmas trees. The famous tree leaves are often used as an ornament for holiday decorations.

  • Spruce Design Ribbon
    Spruce Design Ribbon

    Spruce, an image of thin winter plants for winter holidays, decorations, or a simple Christmas tree kind. Ribbons for the Christmas holiday are classic to print with a spruce design as a symbol, the linear can be printed simply by glitter or just paints. The spruce patterns on the ribbon are in glitter or white or red paints, easy but special for every design.

  • Snowflakes Design Ribbon
    Snowflakes Design Ribbon

    Snowflakes and knitting are the classic elements for the winter Christmas season, decorations are perfect to include with a feeling within warm and freezing days. Ribbons are classic to have designed as snowflakes, glitter, gold foil prints, and a variety of drawing styles.

  • Ruffle Glitters Ribbon
    Ruffle Glitters Ribbon

    Make a crinkle touch onto the satin fabric, sprinkle with the gold glitters, and cut them the size of a ribbon. The ribbon can be plain but special for the decorations, the ruffle style will create the shine effect for the glitter for the up-and-down pattern on it. Crinkles on the ribbon fabrics are special options than flate plain color ribbon, unique for the decorative ideas.

  • Glitter Floral Ribbon
    Glitter Floral Ribbon

    The floral totem is popular for decoration ideas during all occasions, the pattern ribbons are neutral that add to the luxurious atmosphere of your places after putting up. Glitter patterns make the focus of the design, and increase the touch of the main thing you decorating.

  • Glitter Metallic Ribbon
    Glitter Metallic Ribbon
    KF7336.KF7337.KF7338.KF7339.KF7340. KF7269.KF7466.KF7467.KF7468.KF7469.

    This metallic ribbon is woven with 2 colors of metallic yarn. The ribbon base adopts fine polyester yarn in multiple colors. Each of them brings a festive feeling because who doesn’t like glossy Christmas? Mix and match this metallic ribbon with different colors to adorn your Christmas!

Result 1 - 24 of 1546

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