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  • Luminous Ribbon
    Luminous Ribbon
    NEW 2022

    A light-storing fiber stores light and emit light during the dark. A self-glow fiber that is environmentally friendly, fine fiber, washable, and energy-saving, light glows from its contain rare element “Strontium”. Combine luminous powder to chemical fibers, gather with plastic fiber polymer, and then manufactured the ribbon with fiber yarns!

  • Christmas Red Green Plaid Ribbon
    Christmas Red Green Plaid Ribbon

    This plaid ribbon has a very traditional look, the main bands are forest green and rich red with stripes of the white dotted line, finished with metallic gold overlocked margins and concealed wire edges. This ribbon series is available in all sizes from 1-1/2 inches and above. This festive vividly colored plaid ribbon design has two edges to option, one of the wired edges is stitched with metallic gold thread to give it a sparkling finishing touch. This ribbon holds its shape beautifully so it’s perfect for making larges bows.

  • Sequin Glitter Ribbon
    Sequin Glitter Ribbon

    Sequin ribbons are often inquired by customers but limited to style and MOQ, for upcoming year, launching these new sequins and plain weaving ribbons! Swen sequins and sliced glitter on top of the simply plain ribbon, very suitable for decorating for holidays, additional embellish on ribbon bows or all kinds of designing accessories.

  • Ruffle Glitter Ribbon
    Ruffle Glitter Ribbon

    Lychee-peel-like 's surface of the ribbon, a W-shape of crinkle upon, creates multi-angles of the brightness from the ribbon. The kind of ribbon we jokingly call "sourcing pad" ribbon, as it seems like sourcing pad, but the tactile impression is much softer and quality.

  • Two Glitters Wrinkle Ribbon
    Two Glitters Wrinkle Ribbon

    Crinkle style metallic color ribbon is popular for holiday decorations especially Halloween or Christmas! Different from normal plain weaving ribbons, there is an extra wrinkle on the ribbon, decoration with this additional item will add up the design! Crinkle style makes it shine when the light comes from various angles, and then wrapping gifts enhances its diversity!

  • Fagoting Wire Ribbon
    Fagoting Wire Ribbon

    Drawnwork ribbon as a way of yarn not being neat as usual creates a unique look of ribbon series. The ribbon will seem like velvet material at the first glance, but getting closer you will see it is because of the structure of warp and weft, giving the ribbon a loose style. Such a suprising touching of ribbon, first you may expect a furry touch, but it turns out to be a smooth, plain weaving touch.

  • Staggered Holly Leaves Ribbon
    Staggered Holly Leaves Ribbon

    Holly leaves gold/white printed with golden/silver glitter finishing the whole design wired ribbons.

  • Holiday Twill Plaid Ribbon
    Holiday Twill Plaid Ribbon

    Highly versatile with an ageless look, the twill plaid ribbon can be used to complete packages, embellish cookie tins, and house décor! Twill plaid design printed on these fabrics as festive red, bright white, black, and natural colors are a perfect combination while the wired edges allow for effortless decorating as well. This ribbon series is available in all sizes from 1-1/2 inches up. Complement your plaid ornaments, metal accents, and red berry sprays with the comforting, subtle plaid patterns on this perfect Christmas ribbon.

  • Peppermint Candies Stripe Ribbon
    Peppermint Candies Stripe Ribbon

    Peppermint Candies Stripe Ribbon will give you a wonderful festive flourish! The ribbon features candy canes and candy cane swirls design and striped embellished on both sides, and it has a wire edging to give it extra structure for any project. It’s in 2-1/2 inches with either matte red, glitter edges that are wired contained. These ribbons have a thin monofilament wire along the edges of the ribbon that help the ribbon to be shaped into beautiful loops and bows and hold their desired shape. Peppermint candy canes define the spirit of Christmas in their traditional red and white color combination. You can turn your simple home décor into a fun style with the ribbon. This candy cane ribbon series comes in 2 types of fabric. The classic red and white won’t go wrong with any Christmas accessories. You can easily match colors with your gift package. In addition to the typical Christmasy colors, a layer of iridescent glitters is covered on the patterns. Make the ribbon shines under lights!

  • Knit Printed Reindeer & Tree Ribbon
    Knit Printed Reindeer & Tree Ribbon

    Christmas is a holiday full of symbolism. Add a touch of charm to the holidays with this patterned wired Christmas ribbon, and wrap and decorate with a festive deer and tree design on the wired ribbon. The ribbon is cutting from fabrics into 2-1/2 inches. There are two fabrics to option, one is faux burlap and another is plaid. They made these patterns are a more good texture and add a Christmas look. Matte thread. In other words, the ribbon can be bent into any shape and hold.

  • Retro Slant Stripes Wired Ribbon
    Retro Slant Stripes Wired Ribbon

    This is a retro-style festive ribbon featuring thin and thick slant stripes with some square patterns. The design is interspersed with glitter stripes in different thicknesses. This retro ribbon series is imitative of the fashion from the past. It comes in 4 colors combinations and is available in all widths from 1-1/2 inch up. Enhance your packaging and décor with an ultra-sparkly striped wired ribbon. This ribbon is 2-1/2 wide and features bold diagonal stripes along one side of the ribbon. It is crisp to the touch and finished with wired edges, maintain shape with metallic thread. Holiday ribbon is ideal for gift-giving, and crafts.

  • Snowflake Pattern Wired Ribbon
    Snowflake Pattern Wired Ribbon
    KF6362, KF6367~KF6379

    It's isn't too late to use this series of ribbons to decorate your house in winter. This series of ribbons feature a variety of snowflakes on it because every snowflake is unique, so do you. This series of ribbons share the same printing of the Christmas snowflakes embellished design but on different fabrics. This ribbon width comes in 2-1/2 inches only and has a variety of colors options. Each of them has a different combination of pattern color and background color, and their edges are all cut and wired to maintain their shape while making decorations. Snowflakes have been regarded as a symbol of winter, and it is more than appropriate for Christmas decoration. What does a snowflake symbolize? Snowflakes are delicate and short-lived, and can, therefore, represent fragility and the fleeting nature of life. When we see snow falling from the sky, we are instantly reminded of the winter holidays. In modern times, the snowflake is a symbol of Christmas and Christ's birth.

  • Christmas Bauble Ribbon
    Christmas Bauble Ribbon

    Three must-haves on a Christmas tree? The three must be baubles, bow, and the star tree topper! So this is our plan, to gather a ribbon bow with baubles, designs printed with glitter make it shine under the night light. The glitter twinkles while the light bulbs are on, how pretty is that!

  • HO HO Xmas Hat Ribbon
    HO HO Xmas Hat Ribbon

    HO HO HO the sound that knowing Santa is coming, the hearty laughter implies the nice kids are listed! The song has it "He's making a list, He's checking it twice, He's gonna find out who's naughty or nice. Santa Claus is coming to town", telling kids to be nice so Santa would send gifts during Christmas. Would you believe the story as a kid?

  • Plaid & Lace Combined Ribbon
    Plaid & Lace Combined Ribbon

    Here’s another design of taking Christmas ribbons to the next level. This series of faux burlap and woven fabric combined Christmas ribbons features faux burlap ribbon overlaid with glitter plaid and laces printed embellished. It offers 2 color options including a beautiful red glittery plaid, black glittery plaid. Made of polyester. Our glittery plaid with lace combined ribbon is designed in 2-1/2 inches. Each ribbon is cut and sewn with matching thread and is wired to help to bow maintain its shape.

  • Glitter Sheer Wired Ribbon
    Glitter Sheer Wired Ribbon

    Sometimes less is more! This basic sheer ribbon is perfect for any project that needs ribbon. It has a glistening sheen and wire edges to hold the shape of a bow. This is one of our personal favorites! It's be measuring 2-1/2" wide, which ribbon makes superb bows that will exude nothing but elegance. Available in a variety of colors. The ribbon also has wiring on the edges to ensure that it retains its shape when used as a bow or garland. We have it in a variety of different colors, and it's shown in the color image list. Use it on wrapped gifts as a large bow. You can also chip in a few more colors to make your presents even more interesting. If you're decorating a venue, you can use it as a centerpiece for tables, a run-through for staircases, and a spiral around the pillars.

  • Glitter Wood grain Wired Ribbon
    Glitter Wood grain Wired Ribbon

    Want some easy decoration but is tired with simple stripes? Why not try this decorative everyday ribbon with wood grain prints that features irregular lines. This translucent Wired Ribbon is available in one specific size 2-1/2”. It has 8 fabric options and colors to offer, and each color is very eye-catching. All come with similar colors of merrow wired edge on the side that helps the ribbon and its bow maintain their shapes. This wood grain design ribbon is friendly to craft lovers because there are wires contained on the edges.

  • Rectangular pattern Wired Ribbon
    Rectangular pattern Wired Ribbon

    This Rectangular pattern Wired Ribbon is available in one specific size 2-1/2”, and has two fabric options that offer six eye-catching colors. All merrow wired edges come in the same color as rectangular patterns on the ribbon. This wide sheer ribbon sprinkled with glitter features wired edges finished with metallic thread to help the ribbon maintain its shape. Add your creative touch to décor items, gift wrap, gift baskets, and more! Look closer you’ll find some gorgeous rectangular patterns woven irregularly arranged on the ribbon, giving a sense of elegance to it.

  • Glitter Diagonal Stripes Ribbon
    Glitter Diagonal Stripes Ribbon
    KF6384, KF6385, KF6386

    It comes in four different colors but only one size that is 2 1/2 inches. For those two white colors, I recommend being a home decoration to enhance the beauty. Contrary to the white color, I suppose you can take the khaki one to be outdoor decorations. I believe it will elevate a lot of the Christmas atmosphere in your garden. Last but not least is the green one. I bet you have never seen such a bold color combination, and it is suitable for decorating the Christmas tree or gift wrapping. The classic stripe is a girl's best friend when it comes to patterns. Striped look good on anyone, whether as a decoration or you can wear them with everything. What's not to love? Striped is a fashion trend in the latest. Not only prevalent in fashion circles but also in daily life.

  • Christmas Tree Ribbon
    Christmas Tree Ribbon

    The main element of this design is the Christmas tree with glitter and snow on top of it. The gold glitter adds a slight sense of delicacy. The color diversity and realistic drawing are the essences of these ribbons, and they can make your space more decorative and stunning. Contrary to the Christmas element, we boldly added leopard print patterns, although different from the style of Christmas, but greatly enhance the aesthetic and more highlight the uniqueness of the ribbon. This ribbon series is available in 2 1/2" and has THREE different colors. The items in this collection are produced by faux burlap, which is 100 % polyester. There are white and natural to choose also all edges on each side are cut and merrow.

  • Knit Xmas Tree Ribbon
    Knit Xmas Tree Ribbon

    Snowy Christmas is the most classy memory for many people to recall holidays. As we are celebrating the Christmas holidays with our loved ones, what can express the most images of a merry Christmas? Christmas Trees, snowy days, and jumpers!

  • Glitter Poinsettia Wired Ribbon
    Glitter Poinsettia Wired Ribbon
    KF6365, KF6366

    The ribbon size comes in 2-1/2 inches only, but have five colors options and variety of fabric type to let you choose. With sequins embellishment, the poinsettia is even more elegant. Why not use this ribbon to decorate your house to enhance the Christmas atmosphere. What does a poinsettia symbolize? We consider them a Christmas flower, and many people give them around Christmas time to symbolize goodwill and community spirit. In religious communities, the shape of the poinsettia flower is thought to symbolize the Star of Bethlehem, with the red leaves of the poinsettia symbolizing the blood of Christ.

  • Geometric Glitter Snowflake Ribbon
    Geometric Glitter Snowflake Ribbon

    Modern geometric patterns are ideal for adding fullness throughout your tree or creating a contemporary Christmas bow. In this series of ribbons, a lot of geometric elements will be found. Upon closer inspection, you will find that the geometric figures on the ribbon are inlaid with gold and silver glitter. This Geometric Glitter Snowflake Wired Ribbon is available in one specific size 2-1/2”. It has 3 fabric options and colors to offer. All come with a different color of merrow wired edge on the side that helps the ribbon and its bow maintain their shapes. The geometric figures on the ribbon are arranged like snowflakes, with a trace of Christmas in a modern atmosphere.

  • Glitter Animals Stripes Wired Ribbon
    Glitter Animals Stripes Wired Ribbon

    Or at least as fashionable as checkboard print – the key fall winter 2021 2022 fashion trend. Yes, winter 2021 is bringing back your favourite prints. Why not select the most fashionable for your Christmas decorations to give the whole house a new light! This gorgeous Animals Stripes Wired Ribbon features animals striped printed with sparkly glitter on a special striped fabric ribbon. This festive ribbon is a perfect addition to your decorations, gift wrapping, bow, wreath, home décor, gift basket, and more. It comes in 3 color combinations and one specific width 2-1/2”. The ribbon edge is sewn with metallic matching thread according to the fabric color and is wired to help the ribbon and its bow maintain their shapes.

Result 1 - 24 of 326

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