Chubby Snowman Ribbon

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Professional Chubby Snowman Ribbon Manufacturer - KING YOUNG

Based in Taiwan, KING YOUNG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD., since 1988, is a professional Chubby Snowman Ribbon manufacturer. Ribbons are perfect for Christmas and seasonal decorations, floral designs, garment accessories, gift wrapping, scrapbooking, cosmetics packaging, pet accessories and so forth. Main products, including satin ribbon, velvet ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, Christmas ribbon, glitter ribbon and sparkle ribbon.

Monthly capacity is about 50 million yards, which allows us to supply all kinds of exquisite ribbons with reasonable prices. KING YOUNG's ribbons are sold around the world, including US, Europe, Central & South America and Asia. All ribbons are tested for Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC), and evaluated for Chemical Substances – (EC1907/2006) compliance. ‎

KING YOUNG has been providing high-quality gift wrapping ribbons to their clients, both with 27 years of experience in packaging materials industry, KING YOUNG's ribbons are made to meet your needs.

Chubby Snowman Ribbon

KF5214, KF5880

Super cute snowman with Christmas hats and scarf

Chubby Snowman Ribbon
Chubby Snowman Ribbon

It’s difficult to see snow here in Taiwan even if you overcome tiring mountain climbing to higher altitude. Although we’ve never experienced wintertime childhood fantasy with an iceman guarding the back yard, what we have are tons of imaginary that creates various snowmen on our own!

Snowmen are to winter while bread is to butter.

Sometimes we all need a little bit of that childhood innocence brought back into our lives, and what better way to express that than by creating a snowman? On the ribbon, we make smiling snowman with chubby face. He looks funny with that carrot-made nose. Standing on a place where is completely covered by snow, he is so fond of watching snowflakes falling.

All of a sudden, Santa Claus passes by. He doesn’t have the heart to see little snowman showered by coldness so he casts magic on him. The snowman is wearing Christmas hat and scarf then! The accessories warm up his skin with blush and help him stay cozy no matter how the temperature dips

The ribbon takes advantage of classic Christmas colors including red, white and apple green. There is also a tint of silver and iridescent glitters to add a magical feeling to it. This Christmas ribbon is cut from special fabric that has a little fluffy texture on the surface. Edges are sewn with wires inside matte red or white thread so the ribbon can be folded into any shapes.

It’s a fun and creative way to bring about some laughter in the snowy season, and anyone can do it with thus super adorable ribbon. Add an interesting touch to your Christmas décor and enjoy the most unique winter fantasy!

Chubby Snowman Ribbon

Chubby Snowman Ribbon


Christmas decorations
Wide applications
Durable & sturdy


  • 2.5"
# KF5214
Fiber content:  cotton
2 1/2" 65mm
Wired: yes
Edge:  cut
Color:  red edging
white edging
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