Buffalo Check Reindeer Ribbon

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KING YOUNG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD., since 1988, is one of the leading Buffalo Check Reindeer Ribbon | wholesale ribbon and bow manufacturers based in Taiwan.

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Buffalo Check Reindeer Ribbon


Reindeer and the word “JOY” printed on classic buffalo check

Buffalo Check Reindeer Ribbon-KF5210-1.jpg
Buffalo Check Reindeer Ribbon-KF5210-1.jpg

Plaid, buffalo check, or you can say tartan, is always one of the top choices for home décor. It has been festive-like and it still is. With the prints of reindeers and JOY, the ribbon easily brings a Christmassy feel to the space, and no matter how you use them, the effect is guaranteed.

The designs on the ribbon include the word JOY and majestic reindeer. The perfect selection of colors helps them stand out. Six color combinations are available while three of them are printed with glitters. Whether you want a low key decoration or an eye-catching one, this listing can satisfy your needs.

The edges are sewn with matte or metallic thread to help maintain the shapes. Furthermore, because it is cut from faux burlap into a particularly 2.5” wide, the texture is strong enough to be held for years!

Nothing says cozy and classic like buffalo plaid ribbon.

It’s such a darling blend of festiveness, with Christmas blessings, and the classic plaid to pull it all together. You can actually turn any ornament into a plaid one by wrapping it with this ribbon – such an easy DIY! Super simple plaid stockings, bows or wreaths will also be welcomed by your whole family; this wired ribbon can help you out. Add holiday spirit to lure guests in for holiday parties and gatherings!

Buffalo Check Reindeer Ribbon

Buffalo Check Reindeer Ribbon

Buffalo Check Reindeer Ribbon

Buffalo Check Reindeer Ribbon


Christmas decorations
Wide applications
Durable & sturdy


  • 2.5"
# KF5210
Fiber content:  faux burlap
2 1/2" 65mm
Wired: yes
Edge:  cut
Color:  white on black/white
red on black/white
red on black/khaki
khaki on green/black
gold on red/black
khaki on red/black

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