Glittery Merry Christmas Ribbon

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Craft and Gift Wrap

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Stitched Grosgrain

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KING YOUNG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD., since 1988, is one of the leading Glittery Merry Christmas Ribbon | wholesale ribbon and bow manufacturers based in Taiwan.

Large selection & reasonable prices, optional choices with fast shipping, KING YOUNG's wholesale ribbon including satin ribbon, velvet ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, Christmas ribbon, glitter ribbon and sparkle ribbon, etc. ‎

With over 27 years of experience in packaging materials industry, KING YOUNG's bulk ribbon can be customized to meet your special needs.

Glittery Merry Christmas Ribbon


Wired-edge Christmas faux burlap ribbon with glitter and gold foil Merry Christmas prints

Glittery Merry Christmas Ribbon
Glittery Merry Christmas Ribbon

Gold is the most timeless metallic shade ever and it’s traditional for winter holidays. Gold easily adds a shiny and bright touch to the space and it’s compatible – you can match it with other colors as you wish. This ribbon features wired-edge faux burlap with gold “Merry Christmas”. The words are outlined with gold foils and filled with gold glitters, creating a noble and classy look.

Gold “Merry Christmas” stands out from the red, khaki and ivory color ribbon bases, which are made in Taiwan and superior in quality. The glittery Christmas ribbon itself is stylish and doesn’t require much decor. Simply make bows with this ribbon and hang them on trees will spruce them up.

The gold prints make this ribbon only available in 2.5” width. The cut-edges are sewn with gold or gold + silver metallic thread with wires contained inside, adding extra sparkles to the ribbon. Wires help a lot when you do crafts. The ribbon can easily be bent and maintain the shape. The ribbon is made from 100% polyester and very durable.

Gold Christmas décor ribbons will bring glam to your holidays!

Full of stunning, glittering accents, this featured ribbon is a gorgeous choice to bring in glam, Christmas style into all nooks of the family space.

Glittery Merry Christmas Ribbon

Glittery Merry Christmas Ribbon

Glittery Merry Christmas Ribbon


Achievable in 3 color grounds on faxu burlap fabrics
Perfect for home and party decor for Christmas holiday
Wide application


  • 2.5"
# KF4993
Fiber content: faux burlap
2 1/2"65mm
Edge: cut
KF4993GV-2ivory with gold & silver edges
KF4993G-7red with gold edges
KF4993G-14khaki with gold edges
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