Heavy-Weight Striped Ribbon

Classic 7/8 in. striped ribbon woven with 225 denier thread / King Young is a well-established ribbon manufacturer providing a total solution for packaging, gift wrapping and decoration to the world.

Craft and Gift Wrap

Craft and Gift Wrap

The ideal addition and the perfect finishing touch to all your gifts, crafts and more.

Stitched Grosgrain

Stitched Grosgrain

Grosgrain ribbon with stitching in an array of styles, colors and widths that has extensive applications.


Professional Heavy-Weight Striped Ribbon Manufacturer - KING YOUNG

Based in Taiwan, KING YOUNG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD., since 1988, is a professional Heavy-Weight Striped Ribbon manufacturer. Ribbons are perfect for Christmas and seasonal decorations, floral designs, garment accessories, gift wrapping, scrapbooking, cosmetics packaging, pet accessories and so forth. Main products, including satin ribbon, velvet ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, Christmas ribbon, glitter ribbon and sparkle ribbon.

Monthly capacity is about 50 million yards, which allows us to supply all kinds of exquisite ribbons with reasonable prices. KING YOUNG's ribbons are sold around the world, including US, Europe, Central & South America and Asia. All ribbons are tested for Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC), and evaluated for Chemical Substances – (EC1907/2006) compliance. ‎

KING YOUNG has been providing high-quality gift wrapping ribbons to their clients, both with 27 years of experience in packaging materials industry, KING YOUNG's ribbons are made to meet your needs.

Heavy-Weight Striped Ribbon


Classic 7/8 in. striped ribbon woven with 225 denier thread

Heavy-Weight Striped Ribbon
Heavy-Weight Striped Ribbon

This 7/8 in. ribbon is a grosgrain that belongs to a high class series. The reason is that each ribbon is woven with 225 denier threads.

What is a 225 denier thread?

It is a more durable material that is made from 100% polyester. The final woven product is heaver in weight with smoother ridges and no lumps in the weave.

Normal grosgrain ribbons are durable but 225 denier-made ribbons are stronger. They have more matte appearances as well. Therefore this kind of ribbon would be perfect for gift wrapping, card making, sewing, scrapbooking, hair bows and home decor.

The design of this woven ribbon is the most classic stripes. This series is available in 6 color combinations while each of it is composed of white, gray and two more colors. As a result, you can add four colors to your decoration and create a joyful and clean look easily.

The ribbon is not for a specific theme. On the contrary, it is ideal for floral arrangements, weddings, birthdays, Valentine, summer, Christmas and winter projects. Don't miss this versatile and long lasting ribbon!

Heavy-Weight Striped Ribbon

Heavy-Weight Striped Ribbon

Heavy-Weight Striped Ribbon

Heavy-Weight Striped Ribbon

Heavy-Weight Striped Ribbon

Heavy-Weight Striped Ribbon


Available in 6 color combinations
All decorations
Wide applications


  • 7/8"
# DK0070
Fiber content:100% Polyester
DK0070-1hot pink + pink
DK0070-2black + red
DK0070-3blue + light blue
DK0070-4black + orange
DK0070-5brown + khaki
DK0070-6dark blue + brown
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