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4TH of July Stripe Ribbon | Add Flair to Your Designs with Unique Printed Ribbons

Founded in 1988, King Young Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of diverse ribbons and trims, serving global markets with products ideal for 4TH of July Stripe Ribbon, gift wrapping, seasonal decorations, crafts and fashion accessories. Specializing in holiday and decorative ribbons, the company offers an extensive selection of satin, grosgrain, metallic and printed ribbons. With over 30 years of experience, King Young is committed to innovation and quality, ensuring that every ribbon meets the highest standards of craftsmanship and design. Their customized services provide comprehensive packaging solutions, making them a go-to source for both bulk and custom ribbon needs.

King Young Enterprise Co., Ltd. excels in the manufacturing of a broad spectrum of ribbons and decorative materials, specializing in both standard and custom designs to meet diverse market needs. As an expert in textile manufacturing since 1988, King Young produces high-quality Christmas ribbons, satin, sheer, grosgrain, printed, metallic, jacquard, plaid, and wired ribbons, alongside innovative trims and accessories for party decorations and gift wrapping. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Taiwan adhere to rigorous quality standards, ensuring top-tier products for international clientele.

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4TH of July Stripe Ribbon


American flag striped ribbon

4TH OF JULY Stripe Ribbon
4TH OF JULY Stripe Ribbon

This is an abstract design of American flag consisting of matte and glittery stripes in navy with white stars over it as well as matte red stripes adjacent to the bigger navy stripes.

Perfect for the 4th of July decorations

This American flag striped ribbon series is available in three different background colors that are denim, natural and white. They are not only eye-catching when being used for Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day, but also really suitable and appealing in daily use. Wrap these ribbons around vases, mason jars, or use in floral designs, gift packaging and much more to display your patriotic style!

4TH OF JULY Stripe Ribbon

4TH OF JULY Stripe Ribbon

4TH OF JULY Stripe Ribbon


Available in 3 different background colors
4th of July decorations
Wide applications


  • 2.5"
# KF4712
Fabric type and fiber content: faux burlap - 100% Polyester
1 1/2"38mm
2 1/2"63mm
Edge: cut
Color: KF4712-1 - WHITE
KF4712-4 - DENIM
KF4712-13 - NATURAL


  • Gift wrapping
  • Gift bags
  • Bows
  • Craft project
  • Home décor
  • Wreath design
  • Floral arrangement
  • Parties
  • Toys
  • Accessories
  • All decoration needs
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